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Ambari Change log
Note: Committers should be listed using their login and non-committers
should be listed by their full name. Please keep the file to a max of 80
characters wide.
Release 0.9.1 - unreleased
AMBARI-701. Ambari does not handle a pre-setup user-supplied Hive Metastore. (hitesh)
Release 0.9.0 - unreleased
AMBARI-690. Monitoring Dashboard - update the RPM version and documentation (yusaku)
AMBARI-689. Fix ambari agent init.d scripts and the bootstrapping. (mahadev)
AMBARI-686. Update documentation for RHEL/CentOS 6 install steps and a more streamlined
procedure in general (yusaku)
AMBARI-675. Make puppet generate more logs on command failures (hitesh)
AMBARI-673. Going back to step 3 from step 5 in UI breaks DB
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-672. Hardcoded -Xmn value for hbase causes region servers to fail to start in
machines with less memory (hitesh)
AMBARI-667. After reboots, namenode start fails as it thinks dfs is not formatted (hitesh)
AMBARI-668. Ambari should install yum priorities plugin on all nodes to ensure repo
priorities are adhered to. (hitesh)
AMBARI-661. Deploy cluster fails during Hive/HCatalog test (yusaku)
AMBARI-664. Fix mapred io sort mb and heap size for map/reduce (mahadev via
AMBARI-652. Large number of spurious logs due to undefined variables
AMBARI-650. Issues with Reconfigure Service (yusaku)
AMBARI-639. Monitoring Dashboard does not show the Help Link in the top
nav and a link to Apache 2.0 license and NOTICE file in the footer
AMBARI-638. Weirdness with Custom Config page when the user goes back
to previous stages (yusaku)
AMBARI-637. Cluster Install Wizard: the 7-step nav goes out of sync if
the user goes back to Step 3 and moves forward (yusaku)
AMBARI-632. Ensure that mysql connector jar is available to sqoop (hitesh
via vikram)
AMBARI-630. lzo needs arch-specific hadoop-lzo-native rpm to also be installed (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-624. Make hadoop-client/templeton/pig/sqoop also use 64-bit only packages (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-598. Set state to UNKNOWN and not 0 to avoid issues when using === matches (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-607. Increase puppet timeouts to handle single-node installs timing out (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-627. AMBARI-400 messed up the hbase region server opts (ddas via vikram)
AMBARI-618. Fix RAT warnings on docs directory (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-617. Missing some files in rat-excludes (vikram via vinodkv)
AMBARI-601. Ambari docs need updating for the release version for rpms
(hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-600. Fix lzo installs to work correctly on RHEL6 (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-495. HMC master node not shown in topology and node assignments
if the HMC server is not assigned to any other role (yusaku)
AMBARI-596. Remove unused images in images/ directory. (vinodkv)
AMBARI-594. Move documentation into a sub-directory. (vinodkv)
AMBARI-595. Fix NOTICE file to link to the images borrowed from Iconic. (vikram)
AMBARI-593. Update README file for consistency (yusaku)
AMBARI-592. Add a link to NOTICE file on every page (yusaku)
More notices added for jqgrid etc. (vikram)
AMBARI-591. License header for PHP files should use PHP comments,
not HTML comments (yusaku)
Added notices where we use compatibly licensed third party libraries (vikram)
Rat tool compliance on special files. (hitesh and vikram)
Spec files changed to reflect the version of this release. (vikram)
AMBARI-588. Externalize the manager service name and point the Help link to
a valid URL (yusaku via vikram)
AMBARI-587. Rat compliance patch. (vikram)
AMBARI-583. UI allows io_sort_spill_percent value to be set to over 1.0
(Jaimin Jetly via hitesh)
AMBARI-580. Run datanodes/tasktrackers in 64-bit mode to get around rpm issues
AMBARI-585. Remove hardcoded dependency on mysql-connector-java package
version 5.0.8-1 (hitesh)
AMBARI-581. Strip carriage-return related control-chars from hosts files
(Jaimin Jetly via hitesh)
AMBARI-582. Update the installation guide - monitoring dashboard install
instructions (yusaku)
AMBARI-569. Nagios install fails on RHEL6 due to php-pecl-json dep (hitesh)
AMBARI-546. Puppet fails to install 32-bit JDK properly on RHEL6 (hitesh)
AMBARI-548. Puppet agent install script should use correct epel repo (hitesh)
AMBARI-547. Change os type check during node bootstrap to allow for
CentOS6/RHEL6 nodes (hitesh)
AMBARI-549. rpm should have a dependency on php-posix (hitesh)
AMBARI-578. Custom Config page: don't allow form submission if there are
client-side validation errors (yusaku)
AMBARI-411. The HBase puppet templates could include some more config knobs
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-577. Document the steps to build and install monitoring RPMs for Ambari
AMBARI-576. In Custom config for Nagios: emails with multiple periods
before the '@' fails validation (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-574. Service Configuration: tabify settings for each service
AMBARI-573. Puppet error: Cannot reassign variable zookeeper_hosts at
modules/hdp/manifests/params.pp (hitesh)
AMBARI-571. Hive Server text should be replaced with Hive Metastore
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-570. Consolidate head tags for organization and combine CSS files
for faster load (yusaku)
AMBARI-565. Remove YUI source files from SVN (yusaku)
AMBARI-566. Update documentation (yusaku)
AMBARI-564. Check in generated docs into svn to allow automatic updates
for doc web server. (hitesh)
AMBARI-559. Top nav - specify a static height for the logo (yusaku)
AMBARI-558. Update Installation Guide (yusaku)
AMBARI-556. Update version number for documentation (hitesh via yusaku)
AMBARI-551. Missing font images (yusaku)
AMBARI-550. Add support to jump to a specified state in the wizard for
development purposes (yusaku)
AMBARI-538. Puppet layer assumes net-snmp* to be installed on all boxes
(ramya via yusaku)
AMBARI-536. Duplicate hosts not recognized due to case sensitive matching
(hitesh via yusaku)
AMBARI-535. On Reconfigure Service popup, enable webhdfs and enable lzo
check boxes are not selected when they should be (yusaku)
AMBARI-534. Duplicate package names passed in the manifest (jitendra via
AMBARI-557. Update project website documentation (yusaku via hitesh)
AMBARI-554. Update documentation to account for ambari-186 merge to trunk
(Yusaku via hitesh)
AMBARI-555. Update README for additional documentation to get around errors
related to missing php-posix module (ViVek Raghuwanshi via hitesh)
AMBARI-552. Update README to point to trunk (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-543. Rpm naming needs to be corrected. (vikram via reznor)
AMBARI-541. Update README for installing/running code off
AMBARI-186. (vinodkv via reznor)
AMBARI-542. Rename HMC to Ambari in user-facing init.d scripts
(reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-540. Naming cleanup required for management console. (vikram
via reznor)
AMBARI-539. Create a spec file with less dependencies for
HMC. (hitesh via reznor)
AMBARI-537. Cleaning up references. (vikram via hitesh)
AMBARI-528. Fix oozie smoke test failure (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-525. Javascript should not pass flag in case of post install
add nodes. (vikram)
AMBARI-524. Add nodes restore yum default on post install add nodes
page (vikram)
AMBARI-523. Need to persist yum repo for add nodes. (vikram)
AMBARI-522. Fix version of the server rpm. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-521. Lzo Install with RPM's. (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-520. Disable all debug console logging on the browser. (Yusaku Sako
via vikram)
AMBARI-517. Dashboard shows HDFS is down though it's still running.
(vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-516. Fix epel install to be using curl calls. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-515. Modules tar size increases. (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-514. Fix parsing error in puppet manifests. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-513. Download mysql rpm for sqoop (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-512. Fix puppet manifests for tarball downloads via
rpms. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-511. Support rpms for mysql connector and other
tars. (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-510. Modify the router to force redirection to "Add Nodes
Progress" popup (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-508. Support Resume For Add Nodes (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-506. Do not use epel in local yum repo installs (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-507. Install rpms instead of tar.gz downloads (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-505. Messaging Update (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-503. Make sure epel rep is installed when installing the
agent. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-527. Increase number of puppet retries to recover from
intermittent network issues. (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-502. X button missing from popup (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-501. Speed up page load/reload times (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-500. Fix versions in rpm spec file. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-499. Add "Help" link to the top nav (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-498. Make service directories editable (but not
reconfigurable) (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-497. Messaging clean up (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-496. Ganglia graphs have labels/content that are not
meaningful (vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-494. Fix node assignments not not allow slaves on
master. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-493. Add rack_info as column in Hosts table (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-492. make support for os check a bit more robust (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-491. Service Reconfiguration screens should respect the
"reconfigurable" attributes set in ConfigProperties table (Yusaku Sako
via vikram)
AMBARI-490. Highlight the required parameters in Step 6 "Custom
Config" of the Cluster Init Wizard (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-489. Call out HMC master node in the topology and node
assignments (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-488. Manage service needs a way to recover from terminated
browser sessions (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-487. Add nodes with external name on AWS causes issues. (vikram)
AMBARI-486. Add Node installs MySQL Server for Hive (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-485. Make Firebug debugger work again with fileCombinator.php
(Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-484. Reconfigure option for Nagios service does not work (vikram)
AMBARI-483. Start Making Responses From fileCombinator.php Suitably
Cacheable (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-482. Show the same welcome page to the user if the user
starts configuring a cluster but has not started deploy yet (Yusaku Sako
via vikram)
AMBARI-481. Units of various config values not displayed on review
and deploy page (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-480. Reduce Page Load Time By Combining HMC JS Files (reznor
via vikram)
AMBARI-479. Add nodes after install does not allow re-bootstrap if
user closes browser after bootstrap and before starting services
AMBARI-477. Spec file for using installer with php-5.3 (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-478. Checkbox in the review and deploy page does not show
proper state (vikram)
AMBARI-476. Undefined offset: 0 in
/usr/share/hmc/php/db/HMCDBAccessor.php on line 1030 (hitesh via
AMBARI-475. Add missing JS file for making post cluster install Add
Nodes work (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-473. Secondary namenode checkpoint dir doesnt get created if
its on the same host as NN. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-471. not updated (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-468. Post-Install Add Nodes - update progress title and
success/error messages to reflect what it's actually doing/has done
(Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-472. Add api to find all unassigned hosts in a cluster
(hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-470. Fix conflicting dashbord conf files in installer and
dashboard. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-469. Cap DataNode heap size. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-467. Fix hive stop to escape $. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-446. Support Resume For Manage Services (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-466. Add nodes page alerts removed in case of adding
duplicate nodes (vikram)
AMBARI-465. Fix suggestions for Map Red Child java opts. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-461. Uninstall shoud stop nagios service first before
stopping other services (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-464. Auto refresh should be applicable to all the service
tabs (vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-463. Redesign cluster management pages and navigation (Yusaku Sako
via vikram)
AMBARI-462. when hive is being stopped, it stops the hive nagios
checks (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-460. Ganglia shows four hosts on a single node installation
(vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-459. Race conditions in fetch transaction progress (vikram)
AMBARI-447. First pass at Info level logging (cleanup of
logging). (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-458. Support configuration of checkpointing-related variables
(hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-457. Create template for SNN checkpoint dir (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-456. Add more logging for ganglia (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-455. nagios shows service status critical if hbase is not
installed (vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-453. Remove the puppet kick --ping during bootstrap instead
use simple network ping for puppet agent. (vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-454. Fix Hive tarball issue download for templeton. (mahadev
via vikram)
AMBARI-452. Create cluster should wipe out entire db (vikram)
AMBARI-451. Add nodes has incorrect check on returned status (vikram)
AMBARI-450. Boldify/Redify restart HMC message when nagios/ganglia
is on the hmc host (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-449. Post cluster install/deploy the URL
hmc/html/initializeCluster.php should be disabled (Yusaku Sako via
AMBARI-448. Redesign progress popups. (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-444, 445. Nagios checks send kicks to the agent that trigger
a run. Configure nagios to send email notifications when slaves go
down (vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-443. Nagios start fails on reinstall (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-442 Duplicate definition:
Class[Hdp-hbase::Regionserver::Enable-ganglia] (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-441. Add ganglia monitor to all the hosts including
collector. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-440. Keep the touch file for NN format in /var/run rather
than /etc/conf. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-439. Gmetad start fails sometimes. (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-438. Add retry if kick fails immediately. (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-437. Update router to handle resuming uninstall progress and
uninstall failed pages (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-436. Support Resume For Uninstall (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-435. Uninstall needs to update status for failure. (vikram)
AMBARI-434. fix display name in smoke test progress description
(hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-433. Using service stop instead of killall for uninstall (vikram)
AMBARI-432. Templeton should not install templeton.i386 (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-431. Fix orchestrator to use correct display names for
descriptions of stages (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-430. set service state to failed if cluster monitoring
reconfiguration fails (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-429. Fix bug with jmx parsing on HBase. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-428. changes to templeton setup for 0.1.4 (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-425. Oozie start fails with "Not managing symlink mode"
(ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-424. change "reconfiguremonitoring" message to a better
worded action (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-421. Ganglia uninstall does not remove libganglia or gmond
(Richard Pelavin via vikram)
AMBARI-423. Uninstall cluster can't be automated by Selenium due to
the internal confirmation window (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-422. Increase Threshold For Number Of Successive Backend
Connection Failures (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-420. Improve style on error log popups (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-419. Add Basic Keyboard Action Support For HMC UI (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-418. Remove Redundant Titles From Reconfigure Panel (reznor
via vikram)
AMBARI-416. Fix Inconsistent Validation Error Messages (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-417. Typo fix in uninstall path. (vikram)
AMBARI-415. Reset service back to original state after
reconfiguration (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-414. Add rpm spec for hmc agent. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-409. Uninstall does not get full list of hosts. (vikram)
AMBARI-410. Need to move the creation of cluster directory for
hosting the key file and the nodes file to add nodes. (vikram)
AMBARI-408. HDPJobTracker cluster in ganglia has multiple nodes
(vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-426. Reinstall of cluster after failure to install results in
failure (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-427. Class not found Class['hdp-zookeeper::service'] during
uninstall (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-531. Remove/disable reconfigure option for Sqoop, Pig,
Ganglia and Templeton (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-529. Fix Advanced Config: HDFS reserved space is in
bytes. Too many bytes to count. (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-530. HMC UI shows undefined for nodes after single node
install (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-532. add ganglia monitor to all masters (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-407. add more logging and timing info for various actions
(hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-406. Monitoring dashboard does not show ZK service state
correctly (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-321. Multiple ZK nodes not displayed on review-page (Yusaku Sako
via vikram)
AMBARI-405. Clean up messages for service management reconfiguration
popup (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-404. Unify the top nav for both Monitoring and Cluster
Management (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-403. Show fixed count of total nodes during all bootstrap
phases (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-325. MR vmem config options are useless without an option to
enable/disable memory-monitoring (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-402. Completing successful add node takes one to initialize
cluster page starting from scratch (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-401. Manual config changes for nn get reset on stop/start
from hmc (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-399. Cannot uninstall - the page hangs with the spinning icon
(Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-398. if hbase is not installed, nagios sends alerts for
"ganglia collector for hbasemaster" being down (vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-397. Clean up descriptions and titles of mapreduce memory
related configs (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-396. Add nodes fails in assign masters because of closure
issues (vikram)
AMBARI-395. Ganglia server should not run gmond. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-394. Add nodes fails to find node in db (vikram)
AMBARI-393. ZooKeeper myid files not existent on ZK
install. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-392. Add ID attributes to HTML tags to help test automation
(Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-358. Make index.php always accessible, rather than
automatically forwarding to the action, even if there's only one
action that the user can take (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-390. Handle multiple ZooKeeper service masters in Assign
Masters page (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-389. Do not allow invalid chars for database name and user
name for hive (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-388. Prevent the user from assigning NameNode and Secondary
NameNode services on the same host (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-386. On Single Node install when install all the components
the recommended num for Map/Reduce Tasks is too high (hitesh via
AMBARI-279. On the mount points page show info on what the mount
points are being used for (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-387. Fine tune node assignment and propagate ZK host
assignments to the frontend. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-381. Restarting Templeton should not run PIG smoke tests
(hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-384. Fix the position of the deploy error logs popup (Yusaku Sako
via vikram)
AMBARI-385. Namenode format should not be passed as true in the
manifest unless from user input. (vikram via jitendra)
AMBARI-383. Do not force the user to look at the error logs before
given choices to go back/continue, etc (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-382. Make sure install/uninstall/reinstall preserves data on
HDFS/ZK/others. (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-377. Uninstall does not handle component
dependencies. (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-380. Clean up messages for Add Nodes and Deploy progress
result (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-379. Remove puppet start stub on uninstall. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-378. Getting a 404 after clicking on reinstall when the
install fails (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-376. Show welcome page when no clusters are set up (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-374. Modify the cluster info page to show host-to-service
mapping for both master services and client services using
color-coding (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-372. Hive metastore nagios check is broken. (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-373. Create RPM fails as fonts files are not copied
over. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-371. Mysql packages not being sent during install and
uninstall (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-369. Improve Service Management page and general popup
styling (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-367. Make users enter hive configs instead of using defaults
(hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-364. Retry puppet kick --ping on bootstrap to handle
intermittent failures (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-370. Uninstall needs to clear Puppet directories (vikram)
AMBARI-368. Server restart kills puppet agent. (mahadev via vikram)
AMBARI-366. Package up the fonts/ subdirectory in the HMC RPM (reznor
via vikram)
AMBARI-365. Uninstall/reinstall complains about OS Type as
unsupported (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-363. Nagios should monitor puppet agents (vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-362. Create lock file as part of rpm install (vikram)
AMBARI-361. Display client nodes as part of cluster topology display
(Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-360. Adding nodes that already part of the cluster should be
avoidable (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-286. Make TxnProgressWidget Immune To Re-Fetch Race
Conditions (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-526. Display client nodes as part of cluster topology
display. (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-265. Reconfig page close button (x) is not visible (vinodkv
via vikram)
AMBARI-357. Redesign master service assignment page so that it takes
up less vertical space (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-356. Log output to console slows puppet run. (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-359. invalid parameter java_needed during uninstall (ramya
via vikram)
AMBARI-354. hmc rpm on install must backup the database (suresh via vikram)
AMBARI-353. Passing packages in hdp class for package install
optimization. (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-344. Fix TxnProgressWidget To Not Hide Previously Pending
States (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-352. Add flow control - force redirects to appropriate pages
based on cluster configuration status for better usability (Yusaku Sako
via vikram)
AMBARI-351. Monitoring dashboard should auto refresh as regular
interval (vgogate via vikram)
AMBARI-349. Logging in case of error during uninstall needs to be
fixed. (vikram)
AMBARI-317. Select-all + unselect HBASE removes Zookeeper
incorrectly (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-348. Select all services by default (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-247. Replace index.php with clusters.php (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-347. Redo master service assignment page (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-339. Making transitionToNextStage more robust (vikram)
AMBARI-345. Make TxnProgressWidget More Robust In The Face Of
Un-Ready Txn Stages (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-346. user should not be allowed to change the paths to
various directories on the advance config page (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-316. Grid mount points page doesn't let one pass with only a
custom mount point (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-343. add option to enable webhdfs (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-342. Reconfiguration process kicks in even when the user
submits without new configs changes (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-341. Batch yum commands (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-338. Cluster status update needs to happen for all stages of
installation wizard. (vikram)
AMBARI-330. Provide a way to resume if browser crashes/is closed
during the deploy-in-progress (reznor via vikram)
AMBARI-320. Reconfiguring a stopped service starts it incorrectly
(hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-340. Info logs for PuppetInvoker (jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-337. Parallelize puppet kick --ping during bootstrap (hitesh
via vikram)
AMBARI-335. Redundant downloads even though the artifacts are
already installed (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-519. update to fix the ganglia monitor_and_server anchor
problem (Richard Pelavin via vikram)
AMBARI-333. Update messaging resources for initialization wizard
(Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-332. Modify nav to easily switch between cluster management
and monitoring. (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-518. Junk code in manifestloader site.pp. (jitendra via
AMBARI-331. Make txnUtils immune to backend race conditions (reznor
via vikram)
AMBARI-327. Fix syntax error in monitoring modules (ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-326. Dependencies should be added only during install phase
(jitendra via vikram)
AMBARI-324. Welcome page missing. (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-323. During any process in the cluster initialization wizard,
if the user goes back to the "1 Create Cluster" tab, the user is
stuck. (vikram)
AMBARI-319. Scale puppet master to large number of nodes. (jitendra
via vikram)
AMBARI-318. Do not install the packages that install init.d scripts.
(ramya via vikram)
AMBARI-315. reconfig a service should a list of dependent services
that will be restarted as a result. (vinodkv via vikram)
AMBARI-314. Uninstall Wizard prevents the user from proceeding.
(Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-311. Update HBase configuration description (suresh via vikram)
AMBARI-313. Provide a DB cleanup script. (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-312. Uninstall's wipe flag should be correctly passed to
puppet. (hitesh via vikram)
AMBARI-307. Ensure recommended memory is never below 256 M. (hitesh
via vikram)
AMBARI-310. Externalize message resources for the welcome
page. Update styles on various pages. (Yusaku Sako via vikram)
AMBARI-309. Make ManageServices Show Only One Action Per Service
(reznor via vgogate)
AMBARI-194. Avoid TxnProgressWidget Getting Stuck In An Infinite
Loop (reznor via vgogate)
AMBARI-308. Externalize message resources; Update styles/messaging
on Uninstall Wizard and Add Nodes Wizard (Yusaku Sako via vgogate)
AMBARI-306. Ignore client components when calculating
memory. (hitesh via jitendra)
AMBARI-305. Combine Hive and HCat into a single service. (hitesh via
AMBARI-278. Update MapReduce parameter configuration
description. (suresh via jitendra)
AMBARI-276. Update HDFS parameter configuration description. (suresh
via jitendra)
AMBARI-304. Upgrade to yui-3.5.1. (vinodkv via jitendra)
AMBARI-302. regionservers config in the hbase only has localhost in it.
(ramya via jitendra)
AMBARI-275. Remove the configuration variable fs.inmemory.size.mb.
(suresh via jitendra)
AMBARI-303. Cleanup testing code for uninstall failure (simulation).
(vikram via jitendra)
AMBARI-301. Uninstall should not stop HMC. (vikram via jitendra)
AMBARI-273. Fix TxnProgressWidget To Show Failed States When No
SubTxn Is In Progress (reznor via vgogate)
AMBARI-294. Add Nodes page - incorrect field label (Yusaku Sako via vgogate)
AMBARI-293. Invoking browser "back" action on any step after the Add
Hosts step in the Cluster Init Wizard launches the host discovery
process again (Yusaku Sako via vgogate)
AMBARI-289. Hive dependency on hcat (jitendra via vgogate)
AMBARI-288. Add description for Nagios config (vgogate)
AMBARI-400. Fixes the regionserver opts for GC (ddas)
AMBARI-287. Add link to uninstall on index page. (vikram via hitesh)
AMBARI-285. Clean up Add Hosts page. (Yusaku Sako via hitesh)
AMBARI-284. Define service groups in nagios such that users can more easily
enable/disable the related alerts. (vgogate via hitesh)
AMBARI-283. Fixup review and deploy rendering. (vinodkv via hitesh)
AMBARI-282. Make fetchTxnProgress post processing easier to
debug. (vikram via hitesh)
AMBARI-281. Uninstall should hide loading image at startup. (vikram
via hitesh)
AMBARI-280. Cleanup of utilities. (vikram via hitesh)
AMBARI-249. Uninstall support from UI. (vikram via hitesh)
AMBARI-277. API for getting cluster status. (vikram via hitesh)
AMBARI-274. Templeton data on hdfs needs to be readable by all users
(ramya via hitesh)
AMBARI-272. Remove occurrences of repo_url to support local yum repo
(ramya via hitesh)
AMBARI-271. Support for local yum mirror (hitesh via ramya)
AMBARI-270. Puppet cleanup to define all the users in a common
location (ramya)
AMBARI-269. Specifiy the notification intervals and options for Alerts
(vgogate via ramya)
AMBARI-300. Change the status message (success/error) location so that it
shows below the page summary box, rather than above, more better visibility
(Yusaku Sako via ramya)
AMBARI-255. Rename/Relocate files as appropriate (reznor via ramya)
AMBARI-252. Remove Playground files from HMC (reznor via ramya)
AMBARI-266. add select/unselect all buttons to the select services page
(vinodkv via ramya)
AMBARI-256. Update hive config to enable authorization (ramya)
AMBARI-254. Parameterize zookeeper configs (ramya)
AMBARI-257. Manage services section will have any empty section when no
client only components installed (vinodkv via ramya)
AMBARI-253. Support uninstall state in mysql modules (ramya)
AMBARI-258. Start/Stop service show services that are not dependent on the
service being worked on (vinodkv via ramya)
AMBARI-251. Oozie link is not displayed even when Oozie is installed
(vgogate via ramya)
AMBARI-298. The current stage and the next stage are shown at the same time
during state transition (Yusaku Sako via ramya)
AMBARI-245. Support data cleanup if installation fails (jitendra via ramya)
AMBARI-248. Add yuiCombinator.php to rpm (jitendra via ramya)
AMBARI-297. Modal dialog box for showing deploy progress looks broken
in Safari (Yusaku Sako via ramya)
AMBARI-244. Implement wipeoff state in puppet (ramya)
AMBARI-246. Add support for parsing yum repo files to understand how to
bootstrap nodes for local yum mirror (hitesh via ramya)
AMBARI-218. Install Combo-Handler On HMC Webserver To Drastically Speed Up
Page Load Times (reznor via ramya)
AMBARI-259. add nodes to a cluster gives an option for ganglia and dashboard,
these should be on by default (vinodkv via ramya)
AMBARI-262. Init Wizard: Advanced Config validation errors can be bypassed
(vinodkv via ramya)
AMBARI-263. Initialization Wizard: Select Disk Mount Points allows the user
to continue without any mount points selected (vinodkv via ramya)
AMBARI-250. Cluster name validation (vikram via ramya)
AMBARI-243. Templeton setup fails due to hive download error. (ramya)
AMBARI-296. Update styles on Service Management page (Yusaku Sako via ramya)
AMBARI-264. Nagios Admin Contact should be checked to ensure it is always an
email address (vinodkv via ramya)
AMBARI-242. Change code layout to ensure unit tests are not part of final
built rpm. (hitesh via ramya)
AMBARI-295. Improve the overall look and feel (Yusaku Sako via ramya)
AMBARI-241. Support cluster wipeout in orchestrator. (hitesh via jitendra)
AMBARI-292. HTML being spewed in the Review+Deploy page. (reznor
via jitendra)
AMBARI-291. Fix yui packaging in the rpm. (jitendra)
AMBARI-290. Comment in addNodesWizardInit.js. (reznor via jitendra)
AMBARI-240. Make All FE Entry Points Hide The Loading Image When
They're Ready To Take Input. (reznor via jitendra)
AMBARI-197. Templatize Standard Helper Components Of Every HTML
Page. (reznor via jitendra)
AMBARI-229. Remove Navigation Bar (W/ Clusters Link) From
InstallationWizard (And Other Entry Points). (reznor via
AMBARI-214. Make HMC Use Local YUI Copy. (reznor via jitendra)
AMBARI-239. HDFS utilization pie chart shows gray / HDFS down while
HDFS is up and running. (vgogate via jitendra)
AMBARI-238. When namenode process is down info shown is not correct
for both HDFS and MR (vgogate)
AMBARI-237. Refactor puppet kick loop to easily change retries and timeouts.
AMBARI-236. Increase puppet agent timeout. (jitendra via vgogate)
AMBARI-235. Ordering problem when using
hdp-ganglia::monitor_and_server (Richard Pelavin via vgogate)
AMBARI-234. Typo in javascript (vikram via vgogate)
AMBARI-233. Add Oozie link to HMC dashboard (vgogate)
AMBARI-232. Enable LZO should show checkbox instead of text (
vikram via vgogate)
AMBARI-231. Support hadoop cleanup (ramya via vgogate)
AMBARI-228. Ganglia reports on host types not present (Richard
Pelavin via vgogate)
AMBARI-227. Invalid parameter ensure in ganglia manifests (ramya via vgogate)
AMBARI-226. Make the daemon names and other field names consistent
(suresh via vgogate)
AMBARI-225. Currently we dont have any monitoring alerts setup for
secondary namenode (vgogate)
AMBARI-224. sequentialScriptRunner.php logging in a tight
loop. (jitendra via vgogate)
AMBARI-223. Add troubleshoot link in the Alerts table to provide
documentation for debugging/resolving the alerts (vgogate)
AMBARI-222. Remove the word alert from all the Nagios alerts
descriptions. (vgogate)
AMBARI-221. Service fails to set its state to failed if a component
fails to be acted upon (hitesh via vgogate)
AMBARI-220. Alerts table semantic difference at different levels (vgogate)
AMBARI-217. Alert table needs to display service name for context.
(vgogate via omalley)
AMBARI-216. Remove sleeps to speed simulations of installs. (vikram
via omalley)
AMBARI-215. Fix description for dfs_data_dir. (hitesh via omalley)
AMBARI-209. Node selection should ignore failed nodes. (hitesh via omalley)
AMBARI-213. Fix directory permissions so that Ganglia graphs render.
(ramya via omalley)
AMBARI-210. Remove link for wiping clusters from the hope page. (vikram
via omalley)
AMBARI-212. Fix templeton configurations. (ramya via omalley)
AMBARI-206. Fix undefined variable in orchestrator. (hitesh via omalley)
AMBARI-208. Support filtering hosts based on discovery status. (hitesh
via omalley)
AMBARI-207. Fix for undefined variable manifest. (jitendra via omalley)
AMBARI-204. Use the host that runs Ambari for running slaves & masters.
(mahadev via omalley)
AMBARI-196. Support capturing os information correctly during node
discovery. (hitesh via omalley)
AMBARI-203. Fix for duplicate jdk definition (ramya via omalley)
AMBARI-202. Add check to verify jdk path after install (ramya via vgogate)
AMBARI-201. reduce db query logging (hitesh via vgogate)
AMBARI-200. External hostnames should be used for links on dashboard
UI (ramya via vgogate)
AMBARI-199. Remove import of mysql puppet module from manifest
(jitendra via vgogate)
AMBARI-198. Dependency of templeton on hcat client (jitendra via vgogate)
AMBARI-192. Check for NN safemode during restarts (ramya via vgogate)
AMBARI-191. Implement hive server stopped state (ramya via vgogate)
AMBARI-195. Fix typo in java license question (hitesh via vgogate)
AMBARI-187. Syntax error in the puppet manifest in reconfiguration (jitendra
via vgogate)
AMBARI-193. Track nodes that timed out for puppet kicks (hitesh via
AMBARI-190. On a Single Node install, Nagios alert do not take affect until
hmc is restarted (hitesh via vgogate)
AMBARI-189. Make getAllHostsInfo api support optional params (
hitesh via vgogate)
AMBARI-188. Disable jdk location validation as filter apis not supported in
PHP 5.1. (hitesh via vgogate)