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.. _howto/operator:JdbcOperator:
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an application programming interface
(API) for the programming language Java, which defines how a client may
access a database.
Prerequisite Tasks
To use this operator you need:
* Install the python module jaydebeapi:
.. code-block:: bash
pip install apache-airflow[jdbc]
* Install a `JVM <>`_ and
add a ``JAVA_HOME`` env variable.
* Have the JDBC driver for your database installed.
Once these prerequisites are satisfied you should be able to run
this Python snippet (replacing the variables values with the ones
related to your driver).
Other error messages will inform you in case the ``jaydebeapi`` module
is missing or the driver is not available. A ``Connection Refused``
error means that the connection string is pointing to host where no
database is listening for new connections.
.. code-block:: python
driver_class = "com.exasol.jdbc.EXADriver"
driver_path = "/opt/airflow/drivers/exasol/EXASolution_JDBC-7.0.2/exajdbc.jar"
connection_url = "jdbc:exa:localhost"
credentials = ["", ""]
conn = jaydebeapi.connect(
Use the :class:`~airflow.providers.jdbc.operators.jdbc` to execute
commands against a database (or data storage) accessible via a JDBC driver.
The :doc:`JDBC Connection <connections/jdbc>` must be passed as
.. exampleinclude:: /../../airflow/providers/jdbc/example_dags/
:language: python
:start-after: [START howto_operator_jdbc]
:end-before: [END howto_operator_jdbc]
The parameter ``sql`` can receive a string or a list of strings.
Each string can be an SQL statement or a reference to a template file.
Template reference are recognized by ending in '.sql'.
The parameter ``autocommit`` if set to ``True`` will execute a commit after
each command (default is ``False``)
You can use :ref:`Jinja templates <concepts:jinja-templating>` to parameterize
.. exampleinclude:: /../../airflow/providers/jdbc/example_dags/
:language: python
:start-after: [START howto_operator_jdbc_template]
:end-before: [END howto_operator_jdbc_template]