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Apache Airflow website

Build Status

This is a repository of Apache Airflow website. The repository of Apache Airflow can be found here.

General directory structure

  • docs-archive - directory containing archived documentation versions and shell script generating docs index,
  • landing-pages - directory containing the source code of landing pages,
  • license-templates - directory containing license templates,
  • sphinx_airflow_theme - directory containing source code of sphinx theme for Apache Airflow documentation site.

For more detailed description of directory structure, please refer to contributor's guide.

Getting started

If you're a Macbook user, first install coreutils.

brew install coreutils

The Docsy theme required for the site to work properly is included as a git submodule.

This means that after you already cloned the repository, you need to update submodules

git submodule update --init --recursive

In order to build site, run script <ROOT DIRECTORY>/site.sh build-site.

In order to preview landing pages, run script <ROOT DIRECTORY>/site.sh preview-landing-pages.

In order to work with documentation theme, please refer to Sphinx Airflow theme's readme file.

For more detailed description of site.sh capabilities, please refer to contributor's guide.

Contributor's guide

If you'd like to contribute to the Apache Airflow website project, read our contributor's guide where you can find detailed instructions on how to work with the website.