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.. _howto/connection:jdbc:
JDBC connection
The JDBC connection type enables connection to a JDBC data source.
Configuring the Connection
Host (required)
The host to connect to.
Schema (required)
Specify the database name to be used in.
Login (required)
Specify the user name to connect to.
Password (required)
Specify the password to connect to.
Port (optional)
Port of host to connect to. Not user in ``JdbcOperator``.
Extra (optional)
Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in JDBC connection. The following parameters out of the standard python parameters are supported:
* ``conn_prefix`` - Used to build the connection url in ``JdbcOperator``, added in front of host (``conn_prefix`` ``host`` [: ``port`` ] / ``schema``)
* ``extra__jdbc__drv_clsname`` - Full qualified Java class name of the JDBC driver. For ``JdbcOperator``.
* ``extra__jdbc__drv_path`` - Jar filename or sequence of filenames for the JDBC driver libs. For ``JdbcOperator``.