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.. _howto/operator:S3ToRedshiftOperator:
S3 To Redshift Transfer Operator
The ``S3ToRedshiftOperator`` copies data from a S3 Bucket into a Redshift table.
The example dag provided showcases the
in action.
This is a basic example dag for using ``S3ToRedshiftOperator`` to copies data from a S3 Bucket into a Redshift table.
Environment variables
This example relies on the following variables, which can be passed via OS environment variables.
.. exampleinclude:: /../../airflow/providers/amazon/aws/example_dags/
:language: python
:start-after: [START howto_operator_s3_to_redshift_env_variables]
:end-before: [END howto_operator_s3_to_redshift_env_variables]
You need to set at least the ``S3_BUCKET``.
Copy S3 key into Redshift table
In the following code we are copying the S3 key ``s3://{S3_BUCKET}/{S3_KEY}/{REDSHIFT_TABLE}`` into the Redshift table
.. exampleinclude:: /../../airflow/providers/amazon/aws/example_dags/
:language: python
:start-after: [START howto_operator_s3_to_redshift_task_1]
:end-before: [END howto_operator_s3_to_redshift_task_1]
You can find more information to the ``COPY`` command used
`here <>`__.
For further information, look at:
* `AWS COPY from Amazon S3 Documentation <>`__
* `AWS boto3 Library Documentation for S3 <>`__