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Amazon Glacier Operator
Amazon Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost Amazon S3 cloud storage classes for data archiving and long-term backup.
For more information about the service visit `Amazon Glacier API documentation <>`_
.. _howto/operator:GlacierCreateJobOperator:
Operator task is to initiate an Amazon Glacier inventory-retrieval job.
The operation returns dictionary of information related to the initiated job like *jobId* what is required for subsequent tasks.
To get more information about operator visit:
Example usage:
.. exampleinclude:: /../../airflow/providers/amazon/aws/example_dags/
:language: python
:dedent: 4
:start-after: [START howto_glacier_create_job_operator]
:end-before: [END howto_glacier_create_job_operator]
.. _howto/operator:GlacierJobOperationSensor:
Operator task is to wait until task *create_glacier_job* will be completed.
When sensor returns *true* then subsequent tasks can be executed.
In this case subsequent tasks are: *GlacierDownloadArchive* and *GlacierTransferDataToGCS*.
Job states:
* *Succeeded* – job is finished and for example archives from the vault can be downloaded
* *InProgress* – job is in progress and you have to wait until it's done (*Succeeded*)
GlacierJobOperationSensor checks the job status.
If response status code is *succeeded* then sensor returns *true* and subsequent tasks will be executed.
If response code is *InProgress* then sensor returns *false* and reschedule task with *poke_interval=60 * 20*.
Which means that every next request will be sent every 20 minutes.
To get more information about operator visit:
Example usage:
.. exampleinclude:: /../../airflow/providers/amazon/aws/example_dags/
:language: python
:dedent: 4
:start-after: [START howto_glacier_transfer_data_to_gcs]
:end-before: [END howto_glacier_transfer_data_to_gcs]