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Information on Apache FOP dependencies
The Apache Licenses can also be found here:
Normal Dependencies
- Apache Jakarta Commons IO
(I/O routines)
Apache License v2.0
- Apache Jakarta Commons Logging
(Logging adapter for various logging backends like JDK 1.4 logging or Log4J)
Apache License v2.0
- Apache XML Graphics Commons
(Common Library for Apache Batik and Apache FOP)
Apache License v2.0
- Apache Batik
(SVG Implementation)
Apache License v2.0
- Apache XML Commons Externals (JAXP API)
(the JAXP API, plus SAX and various W3C DOM Java bindings,
maintained in XML Commons Externals)
Apache License v2.0 (applies to the distribution)
SAX is in the public domain
W3C Software Notice and License (applies to the various DOM Java bindings)
W3C Document License (applies to the DOM documentation)
(additional DOM APIs from W3C, like SVG, SMIL and Simple API for CSS)
Apache License v2.0 (applies to the distribution)
W3C Software Notice and License (applies to the various DOM Java bindings)
W3C Document License (applies to the DOM documentation)
- Apache Xalan-J
xalan-*.jar and serializer-*.jar
(JAXP-compliant XSLT and XPath implementation)
Apache License v2.0 (applies to Xalan-J)
Apache License v1.1 (applies to Apache BCEL and Apache REGEXP bundled in the JAR)
Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer (applies to CUP Parser Generator)
(see xalan.runtime.LICENSE.txt)
Special Dependencies
- Apache Xerces-J
(JAXP-compliant XML parser and DOM Level 3 implementation)
Apache License v2.0
Xerces-J is not directly referenced by FOP or any of its dependencies.
A note on JAXP
Since Java 1.4, JAXP (Java API for XML Processing) is part of the
JRE/JDK. Every JVM includes the APIs and an implementation. However,
older JREs often contain implementations with bugs that are triggered
by code in Apache FOP and therefore need to be overridden. Now, since
JAXP is part of the class library, special precautions are necessary
to replace the original implementations. This is not done by simply
adding new JARs to the classpath as these classes would never be
loaded (due to Java's class loader hierarchy).
Replacing the default implementations involves understanding the
"Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism".
More information can be found here:
See also:
Essentially, you have two different possibilities:
- add the replacement JARs in the jre/lib/endorsed directory of your JRE.
- Use the -Xbootclasspath/p: option when starting the JVM (may not be
available for every JVM).
Optional Dependencies
The following libraries are not bundled with FOP and must be installed manually.
Please make sure you've read the license of each package.
- JAI Image I/O Tools
BSD license
Note: This is not the same as JAI! Only the ImageIO-compatible codecs
are packaged as "Image I/O Tools". The name may be misleading.
- JAI (Java Advanced Imaging API)
Java Research License and Java Distribution License (Check which one applies to you!)
Currently used for:
- Grayscale error diffusion dithering in the PCL Renderer
- JEuclid (MathML implementation, for the MathML extension)
Apache License v1.1
Additional development-time dependencies
- Servlet API
(Servlet API, javax.servlet)
Apache License v1.1
- Apache Ant
(not bundled, requires pre-installation)
(XML-based build system
Apache License V2.0
- JUnit
(not bundled, provided by Apache Ant or your IDE)
Common Public License V1.0
- XMLUnit
(based on JUnit, used for testing)
BSD style license
- QDox
(used by the processing feedback mechanism, not needed at runtime)
Apache License V2.0
Additional build-time dependencies
These libraries are needed during the build only and
not at runtime.
(used for a code quality report)
BSD style license
- Jaxen
(required by PMD)
BSD style license
- Retroweaver
(currently used only to verify Java 1.4 compatibility)
BSD style license
(required by Retroweaver)
BSD style license
- backport-util-concurrent
(required by Retroweaver)
in public domain