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Sample: SubstitutionGroup
Author: Rashmi Banthia (
Last Updated: Oct. 6th, 2004
This sample illustrates substitution group elements in an XML document.
When you run this sample, you'll see it print substitution group element names and values.
Also it creates a new XML document to demonstrate how to write substitution group elements.
For example, for the following schema and XML fragment:
<xs:element name="comment" type="xs:string" />
<xs:element name="ship-comment" type="xs:string" substitutionGroup="po:comment" />
<xs:element name="bill-comment" type="xs:string" substitutionGroup="po:comment" />
<ship-comment>Sample ship comment</ship-comment>
<comment>Sample comment</comment>
It will print:
Sample ship comment
Sample comment
Also it will write the following fragment to a XML document:
<bill-comment>Sample bill comment</bill-comment>
To try out this sample:
1. Set XMLBEANS_HOME in your environment
2. Ant must be on your PATH
3. To compile the schemas and sample source, run "ant build"
4. To execute the sample, run "ant run"