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<faqs title="Other &XercesCName; Questions">
<faq title="I can't use C++. Do you have a Java version?">
<q>I can't use C++. Do you have a Java version?</q>
<p>Yes. The Xerces family of products also has a Java version. More
information is available at:
<jump href=""></jump></p>
<faq title="What are the differences between &XercesCName; and IBM XML4C?">
<q>What are the differences between &XercesCName; and IBM XML4C?</q>
<p>XML4C from IBM is based on the &XercesCName; code. The only difference
between &XercesCName; and XML4C is that XML4C is bundled with IBM's ICU classes
for Unicode support, which allows it to support a wider range of character set
<faq title="Where can I find additional information on XML?">
<q>Where can I find additional information on XML?</q>
<p>The Web. <jump href=""></jump> is an excellent place to start,
with links to overviews, FAQs, specifications, industry news, applications and
other software, related standards, etc.</p>
<faq title="How do I port &XercesCName; to a new platform?">
<q>How do I port &XercesCName; to a new platform?</q>
<p>(from Dean Roddey)</p>
<p>The primary work of a port involves:</p>
<li>Creating a new compiler header for the compiler.</li>
<li>Creating a new platform utilities file that implements the little bit
of system access we need, and an associated header.</li>
<li>Updating <code>XercesDefs.hpp</code> and <code>AutoSense.hpp</code> to include your new headers when compiled under your OS and
<p>Other concerns are:</p>
<li>Does ICU compile on your platform? If not, then you'll need to create
a transcoder implementation that uses your local transcoding services. The
Iconv transcoder should work for you, though perhaps with some
<li>What message loader will you use? To get started, you can use the "in
memory" one, which is very simple and easy. Then, once you get going, you may
want to adapt the message catalog message loader, or write one of your own that
uses local services.</li>
<faq title="Is there any kind of support available for &XercesCName;/XML4C?">
<q>Is there any kind of support available for &XercesCName;/XML4C?</q>
<p>&XercesCName; comes with <em>no</em> formal support.</p>
<p>Every volunteer project obtains its strength from the people involved in
it. Mailing lists provide a simple and effective communication mechanism. You
are welcome to join any of these mailing lists (or all of them if you wish).
You can choose to lurk, or to actively participate. It's up to you. Before you
join these lists, you should look over the resources in the Reference Library
<p>Instructions for subscribing are at
Archives of the lists are available from
<jump href=""></jump>
<p>IBM also maintains a newsgroup for discussion of XML4C. The news server
is "" and the group is "XML-for-C++".</p>
<faq title="I found a defect -- how do I report it?">
<q>I found a defect -- how do I report it?</q>
<p>Check the bug list at the
<jump href="">Apache &XercesCName; Web
site</jump>. The problem may already be known, or even fixed. </p>
<p>Otherwise, send the bugs to either the xerces-c-dev mailing list
(preferred) or the IBM Alphaworks news group, as described above. The more
information that you provide, the better our chance of understanding what
happened, or what the problem really is. Please include:</p>
<li>The version of &XercesCName; or XML4C</li>
<li>What kind of machine</li>
<li>Operating system and OS version number</li>
<li>Whether you built the &XercesCName; library yourself or used the
binary distribution</li>
<li>The XML document (or excerpt) that fails</li>
<li>The C++ application code that failed</li>
<li>What happened</li>
<faq title="I have a patch to the &XercesCName; source code. How do I submit it?">
<q>I have a patch to the &XercesCName; source code. How do I submit it?</q>
<p>Mail it to the xerces-c-dev mailing list at Apache. (You must be a
subscriber to post to this list. But if you're considering changing the code
you really want to be a subscriber, in any case.) There are no set rules about
how or what must be included -- if you've fixed a problem or enhanced the code
in some way, we really would like to get your changes, and will take them in
any reasonable form.</p>
<p>Generally a diff of the changed files against the current sources from
CVS is good, along with some kind of description of what the change is.
(Working with the current sources is important!)</p>