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<s1 title="API Documentation">
<s2 title="API Docs for SAX and DOM">
<p>&XercesCName; is packaged with the API documentation for SAX and DOM, the two
most common programming interfaces for XML. The most common
framework classes have also been documented.</p>
<p>&XercesCName; DOM is an implementation of the
<jump href="">Document Object
Model (Core) Level 1</jump> as defined in the W3C Recommendation of 1 October, 1998; and
<jump href="">Document Object
Model (Core) Level 2</jump> as defined in the W3C Recommendation of 13 November, 2000.
For a complete understanding of how the &XercesCName; APIs work,
we recommend you to read these documents.</p>
<p>&XercesCName; SAX is an implementation of the
<jump href="">SAX 1.0/2.0</jump> specification.
You are encouraged to read this document for a better
understanding of the SAX API in &XercesCName;.</p>
<p>See the <em><jump href="apiDocs/index.html">&XercesCName; API documentation.</jump></em> for more details.</p>
<note>The API documentation is automatically generated using
<jump href="">doxygen</jump> and
<jump href="">GraphViz</jump>.</note>