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No input XML file specified on command line.
usage: ThreadTest [-v] [-threads nnn] [-time nnn] [-quiet] [-verbose] xmlfile...
-v=xxx Validation scheme [always | never | auto]. Default is AUTO.
-n Enable namespace processing. Defaults to off.
-s Enable schema processing. Defaults to off.
-f Enable full schema constraint checking. Defaults to off.
-parser=xxx Parser Type [dom | sax | sax2]. Default is SAX (SAX1).
-p Enable namespace prefixes. Defaults to off.
(Only used with -parser=sax2, ignored otherwise.)
-quiet Suppress periodic status display.
-verbose Display extra messages.
-reuse Retain and reuse parser. Default creates new for each parse.
-threads nnn Number of threads. Default is 2.
-time nnn Total time to run, in seconds. Default is forever.
-parses nnn Run for nnn parses instead of time. Default is to use time
-dump Dump DOM tree on error.
-mem Read files into memory once only, and parse them from there.
-gc Enable grammar caching (i.e. grammar cached and used in subsequent parses). Defaults to off.
-init Perform an initial parse of the file(s) before starting up the individual threads.