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MemHandlerTest [options] <XML file | List file>
This program invokes the XercesDOMParser, DOMLSParser, SAXParser ,
and the SAX2XMLReader, and ensures that MemoryManagers set on these
domBuilders are called to delete just as many bytes as they allocate.
This is done for each XML file, and each file is processed
as many times as indicated.
-l Indicate the input file is a List File that has a list of xml files.
Default to off (Input file is an XML file).
-v=xxx Validation scheme [always | never | auto*].
-n Enable namespace processing. Defaults to off.
-s Enable schema processing. Defaults to off.
-f Enable full schema constraint checking. Defaults to off.
-r=n Run file through domBuilders n times.
-? Show this help.
* = Default if not provided explicitly.