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<faqs title="Other &XercesCName; Questions">
<faq title="How do I determine the version of &XercesCName; I am using?">
<q>How do I determine the version of &XercesCName; I am using?</q>
<p>The version string for &XercesCName; is in one of the header files. Look
inside the file <code>src/xercesc/util/XercesVersion.hpp</code> or, in the binary distribution,
look in <code>include/xercesc/utils/XercesVersion.hpp</code>. </p>
<p>If you don't have the header files, you have to find the version
information from the shared library name. On Windows right click on
the DLL name in the bin directory and look up
properties. The version information can be found in the Version tab.</p>
<p>On UNIX/Linux/Mac OS X platforms the version is
embedded into the library name.</p>
<faq title="Is there any kind of support available for &XercesCName;?">
<q>Is there any kind of support available for &XercesCName;?</q>
<p>&XercesCName; comes with <em>no</em> formal support.</p>
<p>Every volunteer project obtains its strength from the people involved in
it. Mailing lists provide a simple and effective communication mechanism. You
are welcome to join any of these mailing lists (or all of them if you wish).
You can choose to lurk, or to actively participate. It is up to you.</p>
<p>Instructions for subscribing as well as archives are available at the
<jump href="&MailURI;">&XercesCName; mailing lists</jump> page.</p>
<faq title="I found a defect -- how do I report it?">
<q>I found a defect -- how do I report it?</q>
<p>See <jump href="&BugURI;">Bug Reporting</jump>.