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== NOTICE file corresponding to section 4(d) of the Apache License, ==
== Version 2.0, in this case for the Apache Xalan distribution. ==
This product includes software developed by
The Apache Software Foundation (
Portions of this software was originally based on the following:
- software copyright (c) 1999-2002, Lotus Development Corporation.,
- software copyright (c) 2001-2002, Sun Microsystems.,
- software copyright (c) 2003, IBM Corporation.,
- voluntary contributions made by Ovidiu Predescu <> on
behalf of the Apache Software Foundation that was originally developed
at Hewlett Packard Company.
This product includes software developed by the following:
- The Apache Software Foundation (see BCEL.README.txt, ant.README.txt,
regexp.README.txt, stylebook-1.0-b3_xalan-2.README.txt,
xercesImpl.README.txt, xml-apis.README.txt)
- International Business Machines Corporation (see bsf.README.txt)
- World Wide Web Consortium (see jtidy.README.txt)
- Elliot Joel Berk and C. Scott Ananian (see JLex.README.txt)
- Scott Hudson, Frank Flannery, C. Scott Ananian
(see java_cup.READNE.txt, runtime.README.txt)