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xslt - Apache/Xalan XSLT runtime processor.
xslt [-j <jarfile>] [-xhs] {-u <document_url> | <document>} <class>
[<name1>=<value1> ...]
This command-line tool is a wrapper for the Java class
The Sun XSLT runtime processor is a Java-based tool for
transforming XML document files using a translet (compiled
The XSLT processor can be run on any platform including UNIX,
Windows, NT, Mac that supports Java.
The following options are supported:
-j <jarfile>
gets the translet <class> from the specified <jarfile>
instead of from the user's CLASSPATH.
Specifies that the XML <document> location will be a URI
such as 'http://myserver/hamlet.xml'.
Turn debugging messages on.
Output help screen.
Prevent the command line tool from calling System.exit()
The following operands are supported:
<document> An XML document to be processed.
<document_url> An XML document to be processed, specified
as a URL (See -u option above).
<class> The translet that will do the processing.
The translet may optionally take a set of
global parameters specified as name-value
pairs. A name-value pair uses the format
Example 1: Processing an XML document.
example% xslt hamlet.xml hamlet
where the current working directory contains an XML document
'hamlet.xml' to be processed by the translet class 'hamlet'.
The translet would have been created initially using
xsltc to compile a XSLT stylesheet named 'hamlet.xsl'.
Example 2: Loading translet from a jar file.
example% xslt -j hamlet.jar hamlet.xml hamlet
In this case the translet class 'hamlet' is loaded from the
specified jar file, 'hamlet.jar' instead of from the user's
Example 3: If the translet defined global parameters, then
these can be passed on the command line to the runtime processor
as a space separated list of name-value pairs using the format
<name>=<value>. For example,
example% xslt hamlet.xml hamlet speaker=HAMLET 'scene=SCENE IV'
Notice that the second name-value pair had to be quoted due to
the intervening space in the value "SCENE IV".
example% xslt -u http://zarya.east/test.xml hamlet
where the xml document 'test.xml' can be specified as a URL.
file.xml input XML document to be processed.
file.class byte code file.
file.jar java archive file.
xsltc, jar.
See the Bugzilla bug database:
Morten Jorgensen
G. Todd Miller
Jacek Ambroziak
Santiago Pericas-Geertsen