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The Sun XSLT Compiler (XSLTC) is a Java-based tool for compiling XSL
stylesheets into extremely lightweight and portable Java byte code.
This Compiled JAXP Demo shows you how can compile and use compiled
translets with JAXP.
You use the two classes provided, Compile and Transform, just like the
org.apache.xalan.xsltc.cmdline Compile and Transform classes.
Compiles an XSL stylesheet into a translet, wraps the translet
inside a Templates object and serializes it to a
'.translet' file.
Reads a Templates object from the .translet file, the Templates
object creates a translet and wraps it in a Transformer. The
translet performs the transformation on behalf of the
Transformer.transform() method.
java Compile <stylesheet.xsl>
java Transform <xmlfile.xml> <stylesheet>.translet