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=== Apache WSS4J 2.1.0 Migration Guide
This section is a migration guide for helping Apache WSS4J 2.0.x users to migrate
to the 2.1.x releases.
==== JDK7 minimum requirement
WSS4J 2.0.x required JDK6 as a minimum requirement. WSS4J 2.1.x requires at
least JDK7. The Xerces and xml-api dependencies have been removed from the DOM
code, as they are no longer required due to the JDK7 minimum requirement.
==== OpenSAML 3.x migration
A key dependency change in WSS4J 2.1.0 is the upgrade from OpenSAML 2.x to
3.x (currently 3.1.0). OpenSAML 3.x contains a large number of package
changes. Therefore if you have any OpenSAML dependencies in a CallbackHandler
used to create SAML Assertions in WSS4J, code changes will be required.
The most common OpenSAML dependency is to include a "SAMLVersion" to tell
the SAMLCallback whether to create a SAML 2.0 or 1.1 Assertion. WSS4J 2.1
provides an alternative way of specifying the SAML Version, via a[Version] bean. See[here] for an example.
==== Custom processor changes
If you have a custom Processor instance to process a token in the security
header in some custom way, you must add the WSSecurityEngineResult that is
generated by the processing, to the WSDocInfo Object via the "addResult"
method. Otherwise, it will not be available when security results are
retrieved and processed.