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Apache Wink 1.3.0 Release Notes
1. Overview
This is the third major release of Apache Wink project.
Apache Wink is a framework that helps you to produce and consume RESTful Web
Services. Apache Wink aims to be a TCK compliant implementation of the JAX-RS
v1.1 specification. The project also introduces Java API for writing clients
that consume HTTP-based RESTful Web Services.
The project website is currently at:
2. Runtime and dependencies
\dist folder contains the main Apache Wink runtime JARs.
* wink-common-<VERSION>.jar
Contains common runtime code required by the client and the server.
* wink-client-<VERSION>.jar
Contains client specific runtime code. To work with the client runtime,
use wink-client-<VERSION>.jar and wink-common-<VERSION>.jar
* wink-server-<VERSION>.jar
Contains server specific runtime code. To work with the server runtime,
use wink-server-<VERSION>.jar and wink-common-<VERSION>.jar
\ext folder contains optional Apache Wink features
For convenience, a combination of the core runtime and the most used optional
features is provided in the \dist folder:
* wink-<VERSION>.jar
* wink-common-<VERSION>.jar
* wink-server-<VERSION>.jar
* wink-client-<VERSION>.jar
* wink-webdav-<VERSION>.jar
* wink-spring-support-<VERSION>.jar
* wink-client-apache-httpclient-<VERSION>.jar
\lib folder of this archive contains all Apache Wink runtime dependencies.
NOTICE #1: The following dependencies are required for Java 5 only:
* activation-<VERSION>.jar
* jaxb-api-<VERSION>.jar
* jaxb-impl-<VERSION>.jar
* stax-api-<VERSION>.jar
NOTICE #2: Apache Wink uses SLF4J logging framework, and by default is
shipped with a simple SLF4J binding (slf4j-simple-1.5.11.jar).
Application that uses another logging framework (e.g. LOG4J),
must replace default binding with relevant one. For example,
application that uses LOG4J will replace slf4j-simple-1.5.11.jar
with slf4j-log4j12-1.5.11.jar
For more details about SLF4J configuration, refer to
3. Building the Examples
Building the examples included in the binary distribution is easy. Change to
the examples directory and follow the build instructions in the readme.txt file.
4. Reporting Problems
If you have any problems or want to send feedback of any kind, please e-mail the
wink users list, You can also file issues in
JIRA at:
5. Documentation
Documentation is included in the docs/ folder. The latest version of
the documentation and other Apache Wink information is at: