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<chapter id="">
<title>Running Experiments</title>
<para>The <emphasis>uimafit-examples</emphasis> module contains a package
<package></package> which demonstrates a very simple
experimental setup for testing a part-of-speech tagger. You may find this example more
accessible if you check out the code from subversion and build it in your own
<para>The documentation for this example can be found in the code itself. Please refer to
<classname>RunExperiment</classname> as a starting point. The following is copied from the
javadoc comments of that file:</para>
<para><classname>RunExperiment</classname> demonstrates a very common (though simplified)
experimental setup in which gold standard data is available for some task and you want to
evaluate how well your analysis engine works against that data. Here we are evaluating
<classname>BaselineTagger</classname> which is a (ridiculously) simple part-of-speech tagger
against the part-of-speech tags found in
<para>The basic strategy is as follows:</para>
<para>post the data <emphasis>as is</emphasis> into the default view,</para>
<para>parse the gold-standard tokens and part-of-speech tags and put the results into another
view we will call <emphasis>GOLD_VIEW</emphasis>,</para>
<para>create another view called <emphasis>SYSTEM_VIEW</emphasis> and copy the text and
<classname>Token</classname> annotations from the <emphasis>GOLD_VIEW</emphasis> into this
<para>run the <classname>BaselineTagger</classname> on the <emphasis>SYSTEM_VIEW</emphasis>
over the copied <classname>Token</classname> annoations,</para>
<para>evaluate the part-of-speech tags found in the <emphasis>SYSTEM_VIEW</emphasis> with
those in the <emphasis>GOLD_VIEW.</emphasis></para>