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* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
* or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
* distributed with this work for additional information
* regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
* to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
* with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
* software distributed under the License is distributed on an
* KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the
* specific language governing permissions and limitations
* under the License.
* Analysis Engine service wrapper based on
* Active MQ C++ client.
#include "uima/api.hpp"
#include <cms/ConnectionFactory.h>
#include <cms/Connection.h>
#include <cms/Session.h>
#include <cms/TextMessage.h>
#include <cms/ExceptionListener.h>
#include "time.h"
#include <apr_thread_proc.h>
#include <activemq/transport/DefaultTransportListener.h>
using namespace activemq::transport;
using namespace std;
using namespace cms;
using namespace uima;
//Forward declarations
class Monitor;
class ServiceParameters;
/** The function that the request processing thread will run.
* It receives and processes each message from the input queue
* as it arrives.
static void* APR_THREAD_FUNC handleMessages(apr_thread_t *thd, void *data);
/** common base class */
class CommonUtils {
Monitor * iv_pMonitor;
void logError(string msg);
void logWarning(string msg);
void logMessage(string msg);
// This class wraps a ActiveMQ JMS connection
// and provides utility methods to create a MessageProducer
// and MessageConsumer and to send and receive messages.
class AMQConnection : public ExceptionListener,
public DefaultTransportListener,
public CommonUtils {
string iv_brokerURL;
Connection* iv_pConnection;
bool iv_valid;
bool iv_reconnecting;
bool iv_started;
int iv_id;
//consumer session
Session* iv_pConsumerSession;
MessageConsumer * iv_pConsumer;
string iv_inputQueueName;
cms::Queue * iv_pInputQueue;
MessageListener * iv_pListener;
TextMessage * iv_pReceivedMessage;
string iv_selector;
int iv_prefetchSize;
//producer session
Session * iv_pProducerSession;
MessageProducer * iv_pProducer;
TextMessage * iv_pReplyMessage;
map<string, cms::Destination*> iv_replyDestinations; //queuename-destination
void initialize();
virtual void transportInterrupted();
virtual void transportResumed();
static ConnectionFactory * createConnectionFactory(ServiceParameters & params);
/** Establish connection to the broker and create a Message Producer session.
AMQConnection ( ConnectionFactory * connFact, string brokerURL, Monitor * pStatistics, int id);
/** Creates a MessageConsumer session and registers a listener.
Caller owns the listener. */
//void createMessageConsumer(string aQueueName);
void createMessageConsumer(string aQueueName, string selector, int prefetchSize);
/** destructor */
/** caller owns the ExceptionListener */
void setExceptionListener(ExceptionListener * el);
/** This also is a default Exception handler */
void onException( const CMSException& ex);
/** If this is consumer, must be called to start receiving messages */
void start();
/** If this is a consumer, stops receiving messages. */
void stop();
/** returns a TextMessage owned by this class. */
TextMessage * getTextMessage();
/** sends the reply message and clears it. */
void sendMessage(string queueName);
void sendMessage(const Destination * cmsReplyTo);
void sendMessage (TextMessage * request);
bool isValid() {
return iv_valid;
bool isStarted() {
return iv_started;
bool isReconnecting() {
return iv_reconnecting;
/** get the brokerURL */
string getBrokerURL() {
return this->iv_brokerURL;
/** get the input queue name */
string getInputQueueName() {
return this->iv_inputQueueName;
/** reset the connection handles */
void reset();
/** reset before reconnecting */
void resetBeforeReconnect();
/** reestablish broken connection.
* Attempts to reconnect 30 seconds after each failed attempt.
void reconnect();
/** receives the next message for this consumer.
* Delay is in millis.
Message * receive(const int delay);
ConnectionFactory * iv_pConnFact;
// This class is used to cache and reuse connections
// used to send reply messages.
class AMQConnectionsCache : public CommonUtils {
ConnectionFactory * iv_pConnFact;
map<string, AMQConnection *> iv_connections; //key is brokerurl
AMQConnectionsCache(ConnectionFactory * pConnFact, Monitor * pStatistics);
* Retrieves a Connection from the cache if it
* exists or establishes a new connection to the
* the specified broker and adds it to the cache.
AMQConnection * getConnection(string brokerURL);
// This class handles getMeta, processCAS
// and Collection Processing Complete requests.
// Records timing and error JMX statistics.
class AMQListener : public CommonUtils {
apr_thread_t *thd;
bool iv_stopProcessing;
int iv_id; //Listener id
string iv_inputQueueName; //queue this listener gets messages from
string iv_brokerURL; //broker this listener is connected to
AMQConnection * iv_pConnection; //connection this Listener is registered with.
//Used to send replies to queues on the same broker.
AnalysisEngine * iv_pEngine; //AnalysisEngine
CAS * iv_pCas; //CAS
string iv_aeDescriptor; //AE descriptor XML
int iv_count; //num messages processed
bool iv_busy; //is processing a message
apr_time_t iv_timeLastRequestCompleted; //used to calculate idle time between requests
AMQConnectionsCache iv_replyToConnections; //maintain connections cache for
//sending reply to other brokers.
void getMetaData(AnalysisEngine * pEngine);
void handleRequest(const Message * request);
bool validateRequest(const TextMessage *, string &);
void sendResponse(const TextMessage * request, apr_time_t timeToDeserialize,
apr_time_t timeToSerialize, apr_time_t timeInAnalytic,
apr_time_t idleTime, apr_time_t elapsedTime,
string msgContent, bool isExceptionMsg);
/** constructor */
AMQListener(int id,
AMQConnection * pConnection,
AnalysisEngine * pEngine,
Monitor * pStatistics);
AMQListener(int id,
AMQConnection * pConnection,
AnalysisEngine * pEngine,
CAS * pCas,
Monitor * pStatistics);
/** destructor */
bool isBusy() {
return this->iv_busy;
/* Flag to break out of receive loop */
void stopProcessing() {
iv_stopProcessing = true;
bool isReconnecting() {
return iv_pConnection->isReconnecting();
* Synchronously receives and processes messages
void receiveAndProcessMessages(apr_thread_t *thd);
// This class creates and configures a C++ service
// according to parameters passed in as arguments.
// This class creates connections to an ActiveMQ broker
// and registers one or more MessageConsumers to receive
// messages from a specified queue.
// A thread is started for each instance. Each thread maintains a
// connection to the broker, and an instance of the UIMA AnalysisEngine.
// To support fast handling of GETMETA requests, an additional separate
// MessageConsumer and thread is started that processes only GETMETA requests.
// The service wrapper sets acknowledgment mode to AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE mode
// by default and lets the underlying middleware handle the message
// acknowledgements.
// The lifecycle of the service may be managed by the UIMA AS Java
// controller bean org.apache.uima.controller.UimacppServiceController.
// In this case, the C++ service is started by the controller bean.
// A socket connection is established between the controller bean and
// the C++ process and used to route logging messages and JMX statistics.
// See the UIMA-EE documentation for how to start and manage a C++
// servcice from Java using the UimacppServiceController bean.
class AMQAnalysisEngineService : public CommonUtils {
apr_pool_t * iv_pool;
apr_threadattr_t *thd_attr;
ConnectionFactory * iv_pConnFact;
vector<apr_thread_t *> iv_listenerThreads;
string iv_brokerURL;
string iv_inputQueueName;
string iv_aeDescriptor;
int iv_numInstances;
int iv_prefetchSize;
size_t iv_initialFSHeapSize;
AMQConnection * iv_pgetMetaConnection;
vector <AMQConnection*> iv_vecpConnections;
vector <AnalysisEngine *> iv_vecpAnalysisEngines;
vector <CAS *> iv_vecpCas;
map<int, AMQListener *> iv_listeners; //id - listener
bool iv_started;
bool iv_closed;
void initialize(ServiceParameters & params);
void cleanup();
AMQAnalysisEngineService(ServiceParameters & desc, Monitor * pStatistics, apr_pool_t * pool);
void setTraceLevel(int level);
void startProcessingThreads();
void start();
int stop();
void quiesce();
void quiesceAndStop();
void shutdown();