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<title>Creation of Tree Word Lists</title>
Tree word lists are external resources, which can be used
to annotate all occurrences of list items in a document
with a given annotation type, very fast. For more details
on their use, see <xref linkend='' />.
Since simple tree and multi tree word lists have to be compiled
the UIMA Ruta Workbench provides an easy way to compile
them from ordinary text files. These text files have to
containing one item per line, for example, like in the
following list of first names:
To compile a simple tree word list from a text file,
right-click on the text file in UIMA Ruta script
explorer. The resulting menu is shown in
<xref linkend='' />.
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<title>Create a simple tree word list
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Create a simple tree word list.
When hovering over UIMA Ruta item you can choose
<quote>Convert to TWL</quote>.
Click on it and a tree word list with the same name as the original
file is generated in the same folder.
You can also generate several tree word lists at once. To do so,
just select
multiple files and then right-click and do the same like for a single
list. You will get one tree word list for every selected file.
To generate a multi tree work list, select all files, which should be
into the multi tree word list. Again right-click and select
<quote>Convert to Multi TWL</quote>
under item UIMA Ruta. A multi tree word list
will be created.