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Apache UIMA Ruta v2.1.0
Building from the Source Distribution
We use Maven 3.0 or later for building; download this if needed,
and set the environment variable MAVEN_OPTS to -Xmx800m -XX:MaxPerSize=256m.
Then do the build by going into the UIMA Ruta directory, and issuing the command
mvn clean install
This builds everything except the file. If you want that,
change the command to
mvn clean install -Papache-release
For more details, please see
This product was originally released as Apache UIMA TextMarker. The UIMA Ruta Workbench provides
a command for updating old projects. Please right-click on a project and select "UIMA Ruta -> Update Project".
The UIMA Ruta analysis engine requires type priorities for the correct execution of rules.
If a CAS is created using the CASCreationUtils, please provide the type priorities, e.g., by:
URL tpUrl = this.getClass().getResource("/org/apache/uima/ruta/engine/TypePriorities.xml");
TypePriorities typePriorities = UIMAFramework.getXMLParser().parseTypePriorities(
new XMLInputSource(tpUrl));
CAS cas = CasCreationUtils.createCas(descriptor, typePriorities, new FsIndexDescription[0]);
If you use the uimaFIT JCasGenPomFriendly in Maven and want to use UIMA Ruta
as a standalone annotator you have to exclude the generated UIMA Ruta basic
type files from the build, e.g., by adding: