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# ***************************************************************
# * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# * or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
# * distributed with this work for additional information
# * regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
# * to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# * "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
# * with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# *
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# * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
# * software distributed under the License is distributed on an
# * KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the
# * specific language governing permissions and limitations
# * under the License.
# ***************************************************************
rutaContentType=UIMA Ruta Source File = UIMA Ruta Source Parser = UIMA Ruta Task Tags Build Participant = UIMA Ruta Source Parser
sourceParser.description = UIMA Ruta Source Parser
pluginProvider=Apache UIMA
pluginName=Apache UIMA Workbench IDE
Console.PreferencePage = Console
Interpreters.PreferencePage = Interpreters
Debug.PreferencePage = Debug
Engines.PreferencePage = Engines
Debug.PropertyPage = Debug
Engines.PropertyPage = Engines
ToggleBreakpoint.label = Toggle &Breakpoint
EnableDisableBreakpoint.label = Toggl&e Enablement
BreakpointProperties.label = Breakpoint Properties...
WatchVariable = Watch as Variable
showStaticAction.label=Show Function Objects
VariablesViewRutaSubmenu.label=UIMA Ruta
scriptConsole = Script Console
RutaConsole.Console = UIMA Ruta Console
RutaConsole.Actions.PasteToRutaConsole = Paste to UIMA Ruta Console
RutaVariableHoverLabel=UIMA Ruta Debug Hover
RutaVariableHoverDescription=UIMA Ruta Debug Hover = UIMA Ruta = Show Global Variables
showGlobalVarsCommand.description = Show Global Variables
showGlobalVarsCommand.tooltip = Toggles global variable display = Show Class Variables
showClassVarsCommand.description = Show Class Variables
showClassVarsCommand.tooltip = Toggles class variable display = Show Local Variables
showLocalVarsCommand.description = Show Local Variables
showLocalVarsCommand.tooltip = Toggles local variable display = UIMA Ruta = UIMA Ruta = UIMA Ruta debugging engine
DebuggingEngine.description = UIMA Ruta debugging engine = UIMA Ruta Testing
RutaLaunchShortcut.description = UIMA Ruta Testing = UIMA Ruta
# Context = Editing UIMA Ruta Source
RutaEditContext.description = Editing UIMA Ruta Source Context
# Editor = UIMA Ruta Source Editor
# Wizards = UIMA Ruta
NewRutaPackage.label=UIMA Ruta Package
NewRutaPackage.description=Create a Ruta package
NewRutaFile.label=UIMA Ruta File
NewRutaFile.description=Create a UIMA Ruta script file
NewSourceFolderCreationWizard.label=Source Folder
NewSourceFolderCreationWizard.description=Create a DLTK source folder
# Preference Pages = UIMA Ruta = Editor = Code Assistance = Syntax Coloring = Smart Typing = Folding = Templates = Hovers = Task Tags
# Property Pages = UIMA Ruta = Build Path = Todo Properties
# Search page
RutaSearchPage.label = UIMA Ruta Search
# Template = UIMA Ruta
# Views = UIMA Ruta = UIMA Ruta Namespaces = UIMA Ruta Functions = UIMA Ruta Packages = UIMA Ruta Documentation
# Decorators = UIMA Ruta Project Decorator
# Actions
RutaActionSet.label= UIMA Ruta Navigation
RutaActionSet.description= UIMA Ruta Navigation Action Set
OpenTypeAction.label=Open &Namespace...
OpenTypeAction.tooltip=Open Namespace
# Navigate menu Open Namespace
ActionDefinition.OpenType.description= Open a namespace in a Ruta editor
# Search page
RutaSearchActionSet.label = UIMA Ruta Search
RutaSearchActionSet.description = UIMA Ruta Search Actions
OpenRutaSearchPageAction.label = UIMA Ruta...
SearchMenu.label = Search = Code Assistance
OpenTypeInHierarchyAction.label=Open Type in Hierarch&y...
OpenTypeInHierarchyAction.tooltip=Opens a Type in a Type Hierarchy Show Source Quick Menu
ActionDefinition.sourceQuickMenu.description= Shows the source quick menu Comment
ActionDefinition.comment.description= Turn the selected lines into DLTK comments Uncomment
ActionDefinition.uncomment.description= Uncomment the selected DLTK comment lines Toggle Comment
ActionDefinition.toggleComment.description= Toggle comment the selected lines Add Block Comment
ActionDefinition.addBlockComment.description= Enclose the selection with a block comment Remove Block Comment
ActionDefinition.removeBlockComment.description= Remove the block comment enclosing the selection Indent
ActionDefinition.indent.description= Indent Format
ActionDefinition.format.description= Format the selected text Copy Qualified Name
ActionDefinition.copyQualifiedName.description= Copy a fully qualified name to the system clipboard Format Element
ActionDefinition.quickformat.description= Format enclosing text element