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# Set the default behavior, in case people don't have core.autocrlf set.
# means that files that GIT determines to be text files, will be
# converted from CRLF -> LF upon being added to the repo, and
# converted from LF -> LF or CRLF when checked out (depending on the platform, I think)
* text=auto
# Make sure that these files are treated as binary so that newlines are preserved.
# overrides GIT's determination if a file is text or not
*.bin binary
*.dump binary
*.xcas binary
*.xmi binary
# next is probably the default
*.pdf binary
# These files cannot have crlf, must have just lf
# The "text" by itself says these files must be line-ending-conversion controlled on check-in / out
# The internal repo form for these is always lf,
# The eol=lf means on check-out do nothing, and on check-in, if the file has crlf, convert to lf
*.sh text eol=lf