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Building the SDO Release from a Source Distribution
Note, these instructions are for building the SDO binary release from
source, not for establishing a development environment. If you wish to
participate in sdo development, follow the instructions at
Initial Setup
1) Install J2SE JDK 1.4.2 or above
2) Install Maven: Download Maven 2.0.7 (download from Follow the maven instructions for
configuring the JAVA_HOME environment variable, and ensuring that the "mvn" command is on your execution PATH.
1) If you have chosen to install a JDK at version 5 then all will be fine, but there is one value add component in the
Tuscany SDO implementation which relies on new JDK 5.0 features. If you do not wish to use JDK 5 for the following
build step, then you will need to do mvn -Pjava_1_4_maven, as this profile option excludes the JDK5 dependent features.
2) In a command window/shell, change to the top level directory of the Tuscany SDO Java source distribution.
3) Execute: mvn
This will install the sdo implementation and tools jars in your local maven repository
4) If you wish to rebuild the Tuscany SDO Java binary dstribution change directory to "distribution" and run mvn
This will create archives of the binary and source distributions in the target subdirectory of the distribution directory
Note: Depending on the load being experienced by remote Maven 2.0 repositories you may have to execute mvn several
times until required dependencies are all located in your local maven repository. After you have completed a
full successful build you can use "mvn -o" which builds without trying to access updated build dependencies (offline mode) and is much faster.