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Changes With Apache Tuscany SCA 2.0-Beta3 July 2011
Highlights include:
- Major enhancements on <binding.comet>. See samples for more details.
- Added new extension <binding.websocket>. See samples for more details.
- Many other improvements and bug fixes to the Web Service binding,
distributed domain support, samples and many other areas. A complete
list of changes since the previous release can be found with the
following SVN command:
svn log -r 1072933:HEAD
Changes With Apache Tuscany SCA 2.0-Beta2 February 2011
Highlights include:
- Addition of an interactive Shell to work with SCA domains, contributions, and services
- More reorganization of modules to support base-runtime and extension runtime jars
- Tidying and simplification of the Web Services binding dependencies
- Upgrade to Axis2 1.5.3, Axiom 1.2.10, Abdera 1.1.1, Jackson 1.7.1 and Dojo 1.5.0
- Improve jaxb/json databindings and jsonrpc binding to better handle interfaces
- Added support for AllowsByReference for references and implementation classes/methods
based on the specification
- Update to latest OASIS XSDs
- Quite a few changes in the async area
Changes With Apache Tuscany SCA 2.0-Beta1 November 2010
Highlights include:
- The mojority of work since June has been numerous fixes to the code base so that the runtime
now passes the OASIS conformance test suite for the SCA Assembly, SCA-J CAA, SCA-J CI,
Policy, Binding WS, Binding JMS Specifications!
- Added new extensions
- Reorganization of <implementation.spring> extension Jars
- More improvements to the samples directory layout to separate various
different types of samples
- Added meta-data to the bindary distribution to identify which Jars are required
by each extension
- Started tidying project poms to depend on core collection of Tuscany Jars
- Numerous other bug fixes and improvements
- For this Beta1 release the remote Domain support is disabled pending some up-coming
changes in the way that domains are addressed and accessed. This means that the
scaclient-* samples don't work
Changes With Apache Tuscany SCA 2.0-M5 June 2010
Highlights include:
- Passes the OASIS conformance test suite for the SCA Assembly, SCA-J CAA and SCA-J CI Specifications!
- Passes OSGI remote service SCA config type conformance test suite
- New Tuscany specific support for REST/JAXRS
- Started improving the layout of the samples to separate contributions from launchers
- Further improvements to the distributed SCA domain support
- Improved support for the SCAClient in distributed scenarios
- Dropped support for JDK 5
- Numerous other bug fixes and improvements
Changes With Apache Tuscany SCA 2.0-M4 November 2009
Highlights include:
- Passes the OASIS conformance test suite for the SCA-J CAA Specification!
- Almost passes the OASIS conformance test suite for the SCA Assembly Specification with
a small number of test failures that will be fixed in the next release
- Support for <binding.jms> and the OASIS SCA JMS specification
- Support for <binding.ejb> on references and partial support of the OASIS SCA EJB specification
- A new Tuscany specific binding for JSONP support
- Several Tuscany specific extensions ported up from the 1.x runtime including bindings for ATOM,
HTTP, JSON-RPC, and implementation web clients, plus new support for JSON-RPC references
- Improved distributed SCA domain support
- Improve the implementation of OSGi remote services with SCA configuration type that supports dynamic
OSGi remote service admin, including import, export and discovery
- Add extension points for builders that can build implementation, binding and policy types
- Add a Deployer utility to facilitate deployment-related functions
- Improve the monitor usage so that monitors are isolated between requests
- Numerous other bug fixes and improvements
Changes With Apache Tuscany SCA 2.0-M3 June 2009
Highlights include:
- Support for <implementation.bpel> and the OASIS BPEL specification
- Support for <implementation.spring> and the draft OASIS Spring specification
- Support for the new SCACleint API as defined in the OASIS spec drafts
- Runtime support for SCA contributions in ZIP archives from the OASIS Assembly spec
- New Maven archetype to simplify create ZIP contributions
- New tuscany:run maven plugin for easy running SCA contributions
- Clean up and simplify the Tuscany module structure
- Various fixes for Assembly spec compliance and improved error reporting
- New deep integration into Apache Tomcat
Changes With Apache Tuscany SCA 2.0-M2 April 2009
Highlights include:
- OSGi Enhancements including support for <implementation.osgi> and a new OSGi RFC119 prototype
- Many updates towards support for OASIS OpenCSA specification and the use OASIS namespaces and schemas
- Start to implement the SCA policy framework 1.1 spec draft from OASIS OpenCSA
- New Endpoint and EndpoitReference structures
- Webapps integration support including <implementation.web> and the web application composite along
- with support for various web technologies and frameworks including JSP support, JSF support with
- Apache MyFaces, and integration with the Stripes Web Framework
- New Maven Archetypes to make developing SCA applications easier,
Changes With Apache Tuscany SCA 2.0-M1 February 2009
The first milestone release for the 2.0 codebase
Features and/or Enhancements
* SCA Specification support
- The change over from OSOA SCA specification support to OASIS SCA
specification support is now in progress. As such we don't claim to
support either the OSOA or OASIS SCA specifications in the
2.0 codebase yet.
* Core
- Enable Tuscany to run inside an OSGi runtime
- Updated SCA API package names.
* Other Extensions
- Binding RMI
- RMI Binding
- Binding WS
- WebServices Binding
* Samples/Tutorial/Demos
- binding-ws-calculator/
- calculator/
- calculator-equinox/
- calculator-osgi/
- calculator-rmi-reference/
- calculator-rmi-service/
- implementation-java-calculator