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The Fulcrum Website Instructions for Multi Modules
The Fulcrum web site is based on .xml files which are transformed
into .html files using Maven.
Using scm-publish Plugin, cft. for publishing and turbine-parent plugin check the following list items:
* Read README, 8) Stage the latest documentation
* Exercise: Run mvn help:effective-pom, save the result in a file and check by investigating it, that
- is matching pubScmUrl property of goal scm-publish:publish-scm . Actually the variable turbine.scmPubUrl is using ${} in turbine parent pom.
- turbine.scmPubCheckoutDirectory is matching property checkoutDirectory of goal scm-publish:publish-scm.
* Once you have the site checked out locally, as it is multi-module project (with submodules) execute first
mvn clean install
* then
mvn site site:stage
This will build the documentation into the target/site/, resp. target/staging/ directory. The output will show you which files got re-generated.
* If you would like to make modifications to the web site documents, you simply need to edit the files in the xdocs/ directory.
* Once you have built your documentation and confirmed that your changes are ok, you can check your .xml files back into Subversion.
* To test what files would be added, deleted or updated run:
mvn site site:stage scm-publish:publish-scm -Dscmpublish.dryRun=true
This will generate the site into folder (target/turbine-sites by default) and print any changes to STDOUT.
* To deploy run the same command (check your credentials in ~/.m2/settings.xml), remove the argument scmpublish.dryRun or set it to false. Check if tryUpdate is set to false to get a clean working copy again). Alternatively, if you have set scmpublish.skipCheckin=true in the previous step, you have to do a manual commit.