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.. _glossary:
.. glossary::
302 content routing
astats (stats_over_http)
An ATS plugin that allows you to monitor vitals of the ATS server. See :ref:`rl-astats`.
A caching proxy server. See :ref:`rl-caching_proxy`.
A group of caches that together create a combined larger cache using consistent hashing. See :ref:`rl-cachegroup`.
consistent hashing
See `the Wikipedia article <>`_; Traffic Control uses consistent hashing when using :ref:`rl-http-cr` for the edge tier and when selecting parents in the mid tier.
content routing
Directing clients (or client systems) to a particular location or device in a location for optimal delivery of content See also :ref:`rl-http-cr` and :ref:`rl-dns-cr`.
coverage zone map
The coverage zone map (czm) or coverage zone file (zcf) is a file that maps network prefixes to cachegroups. See :ref:`rl-localization`.
delivery service
A grouping of content in the CDN, usually a determined by the URL hostname. See :ref:`rl-ds`.
edge (tier or cache)
Closest to the client or end-user. The edge tier is the tier that serves the client, edge caches are caches in the edge tier. In a Traffic Control CDN the basic function of the edge cache is that of a :ref:`rl-rev-proxy`. See also :ref:`rl-cachegroup`.
(traffic ops) extension
Using *extensions*, Traffic Ops be extended to use proprietary checks or monitoring sources. See :ref:`rl-trops-ext`.
forward proxy
A proxy that works that acts like it is the client to the origin. See :ref:`rl-fwd-proxy`.
geo localization or geo routing
Localizing clients to the nearest caches using a geo database like the one from Maxmind.
health protocol
The protocol to monitor the health of all the caches. See :ref:`rl-health-proto`.
Finding location on the network, or on planet earth. See :ref:`rl-localization`.
mid (tier or cache)
The tier above the edge tier. The mid tier does not directly serves the end-user and is used as an additional layer between the edge and the origin. In a Traffic Control CDN the basic function of the mid cache is that of a :ref:`rl-fwd-proxy`. See also :ref:`rl-cachegroup`.
The source of content for the CDN. Usually a redundant HTTP/1.1 webserver.
parent (cache or cachegroup)
The (group of) cache(s) in the higher tier. See :ref:`rl-cachegroup`.
A group of settings (parameters) that will be applied to a server. See :ref:`rl-profile`.
reverse proxy
A proxy that acts like it is the origin to the client. See :ref:`rl-rev-proxy`.