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Traffic Ops - Migrating from Traffic Ops 1.x to Traffic Ops 2.x
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Traffic Ops - Migrating from 1.x to 2.x
In Traffic Ops 2.x MySQL was removed and Postgres was replaced as the database of choice for the unforeseen future. A Docker-based migration tool was developed to
help with that conversion using an open source Postgres tool called `pgloader <>`_. The following instructions will help configuring the Migration tool
System Requirements
The user must have the following for a successful minimal install:
* CentOS 7.2+
* Docker installed (this migration was tested against version **docker-engine-selinux-17.05.0.ce-1.el7.centos.noarch.rpm**)
* Postgres has been installed according to :ref:`rl-to-install`
Setup the traffic_ops_db directory
Modify /opt dir permission to make it writable and owned by postgres:postgres
$ sudo chmod 755 /opt
Download the Traffic Control tarball for 2.0.0
$ cd /opt
$ wget<tarball_version>
Extract the **traffic_ops_db** dir to **/opt/traffic_ops_db**
$ tar -zxvf trafficcontrol-incubating-<version>.tar.gz --strip=1 trafficcontrol-incubating-<version>/traffic_ops_db
$ sudo chown -R postgres:postgres /opt/traffic_ops_db
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Migration Preparation
Be sure there is connectivity between your MySQL server's IP address/port and your Postgres server's IP address/port.
Navigating the Database Migration
Begin the database migration after settings up the **/opt/traffic_ops_db** directory
Switch to the postgres user so permissions stay intact.
$ su - postgres
$ cd /opt/traffic_ops_db/
1. Configure the **/opt/traffic_ops_db/pg-migration/mysql-to-postgres.env** migration for your source MySQL and target Postgres settings
2. Run the migration, watch the console output for any errors (it may take some time)
$ ./
Your MySQL data should now be ported into your new instance of Postgres!