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- hosts: slaves
gather_facts: true
# setup jenkins master pub key set setup_master_key to true
# and pass the master pub key file location path
setup_master_key: false
master_key_file: "{{ lookup('file', '/Users/$USER/.ssh/' ) }}"
# To setup jenkins user password, set setup_password to true
# and set pass_word with the password value
# pass_word takes salted password
setup_password: false
# setup clover and pass on on the clover license file path on the controller
setup_clover_license: false
# set install_java to true only if you want to install java.tar.gz
# as it takes a very long time to download the 2.6B of tar and untar it on the slaves.
install_java: false
## enable the below flag if you like the m2 settings be pushed and
## ensure hudson_nexus has the hudson nexus password
m2_settings: false
## enable the flag below to set up .npmrc as well
npmrc_setup: false
- ubuntu-slaves
- common