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project.version= 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT 2
project.scmUrl= scm:svn:
project.buildFile= runtests
include.f.javatest.log= target/logs/javatest.log
header.webcontainer= tomee-plus
# This file defines the tasks that are run in EC2.
# Each build.* line becomes a task which is sent to a machine.
# That machine will run the command and send back the results.
# Adding lines to this file is enough to update the TCK setup in EC2.
# The syntax is pretty simple:
# build.<some-made-up-id> = <the-arguments-to-the-runtests-script>
# By convention, the "some-made-up-id" usualy refers to the name of the tests run.
# The "the-arguments-to-the-runtests-script" are simply passed as-is to './runtests'.
# This means that anything that can be run on someone's machine via './runtests -abcdefg'
# can also be run in EC2 by adding ' = -abcdefg' to this file.
# EC2 will update itself by pulling this file from svn nightly
# = -c -U -w tomee-plus -j -sql skip com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.uriBuilderTest = -c -U -w tomee-plus -j -sql skip com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.cacheControlTest com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.cookieTest com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.entityTagTest com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.genericEntityTest com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.mediaTypeTest com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.newCookieTest com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.responseCTest com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.variantListBuilderTest com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.api.rs_core.variantTest com.sun.ts.tests.jaxrs.spec = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.annotations.anno = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.annotations.mdcomplete = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.annotations.partialanno = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.connManager = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.localTx.compat = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.localTx.connection = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.localTx.event = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.localTx.lifecycle = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.localTx.transinflow = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.localTx.workcontext = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.localTx.workmgt = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.noTx.compat = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.noTx.connection = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.noTx.event = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.noTx.lifecycle = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.noTx.workmgt = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.xa.compat = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.xa.connection = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.xa.event = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.xa.lifecycle = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector = -c -U -w tomee-plus --connector com.sun.ts.tests.connector.xa.workmgt = -c -U -w tomee-plus com.sun.ts.tests.ejb30.misc = -c -U -w tomee-plus com.sun.ts.tests.ejb30.assembly = -c -U -w tomee-plus = -c -U -w tomee-plus com.sun.ts.tests.ejb30.sec = -c -U -w tomee-plus com.sun.ts.tests.ejb30.timer = -c -U -w tomee-plus com.sun.ts.tests.ejb30.tx = -c -U -w tomee-plus com.sun.ts.tests.ejb30.webservice = -c -U -w tomee-plus com.sun.ts.tests.ejb30.lite.async = -c -U -w tomee-plus com.sun.ts.tests.ejb30.lite.interceptor.stateless