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#! /bin/bash
# to test against java 9 TCKs we run the TCK themself with java 7/8 and the container with java 9
# You can validate it with `tomeeTckCheckJavaRunVersion` once you ran some TCK.
# Note: this is mainly to not have to migrate this project yet to java 9 (upgrading groovy plugin and groovy itself).
# we run tck with java 7 for the runner (javatest jvm) but java 9 for the server
export MAVEN_OPTS="$JAVA9_HOME -Dopenejb.groupId=org.apache.tomee -Dopenejb.version=$tomee_version -Dtomee.version=$tomee_version"
echo "MAVEN_OPTS set for java 9"
function tomeeTckCheckJavaRunVersion() {
grep 'JVM Version' target/logs/javatest.log | sed 's/.*JVM Version/JVM Version/'