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# About JakartaEE TCK
## CTS
The JakartaEE Test Compatibility Kit (TCK) is conformed by a Compatibility Test Suite (CTS).
CTS is a set of tools and tests used to verify that a licensee's implementation of Java EE 8 technology conforms to the applicable specification.
Java EE 8 CTS includes version 5.0 of the JT harness.
## Tests organization
The JakartaEE TCK is conformed by a total of 47,219 tests that can be divided in two subset: one set for Web Profile and other for Full Profile.
Each test has a set of attributes like id, keyword, testName, test_directory and classname among others.
The `keyword` attribute can be used to differentiate the test that belong to a Web and/or Full Profile, and if they are optional base on the type of profile.
The following are the `keywords` related with Web Profile:
javaee_web_profile, ejb_web_profile, jacc_web_profile, jaspic_web_profile, javamail_web_profile, jaxr_web_profile, xa_web_profile, jaxrpc_web_profile, jaxws_web_profile
## JT Harness UI
This is a useful UI tool that comes in handy when one needs to know if a specific test is or not part of a specific profile.
## start JT Harness UI
From the `$TCK_HOME` execute:
cd bin
ant gui
The UI shows all the TCK test and you can navigate to an specific test and view the Test Description tab that contains the test attributes described above.