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= TomEE Gradle Plugin
:jbake-date: 2016-05-31
:jbake-type: page
:jbake-status: published
TomEE provides a gradle plugin for tomee-embedded "à la Jetty".
buildscript {
repositories {
dependencies {
classpath 'org.apache.tomee.gradle:tomee-embedded:7.0.0'
apply plugin: 'org.apache.tomee.tomee-embedded'
// ...
Then just start tomee with:
gradle tomee-embedded -i
== Configuration
All the configuration is optional.
// plugin setup
def tomeeEmbedded = extensions.getByName('tomee-embedded')
tomeeEmbedded.tomeeVersion = 'other version'
tomeeEmbedded.skipDefaultRepository = true // don't use central to retrieve tomee
// container dependencies
def tomeeEmbeddedDeps = configurations.getByName('tomee-embedded')
// add dependencies you need to this configuration
tomee-embedded task has several more advanced configuration like tomee properties, modules to deploy etc...
Its configuration is pretty close to link:maven/embedded.html[Embedded Maven Plugin].