Adds some notes regarding the automatic publishing via Jenkins CI
Removes legacy / outdated SVN publishing notes
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 == Extensions
 Build will generate a PDF for each page containing the attribute `jbake-tomeepdf`.
+**Note**: Currently, the PDF generation is disabled.
 == Examples
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 == Publish (needs an ASF account)
-- To publish the website, you have to add and push the related content to the[TomEE Site Pub] repository.
-== Legacy SVN Publish (not working anymore)
-`SvnPub` is a main to push to the staging the site content once built, you need to set the system properties (or properties in ~/.m2/settings.xml)
-`site.password` to your asf password and `site.username` if you user name is not `USER` environment variable for it to work.
-It will checkout/update the site from svn then copy the site folder from target directory to synchronize it with the svn version
-and finally it will commit everything.
-You can set the system property `site.message` to not use the default commit message.
-NOTE: `.content-site-checkout` will be the local copy of the website (if you need to modify manually the files or delete some old ones.
-NOTE: if the process fails unexpectedly (wrong update in the logic or anything) you can unlock the `.content-site-checkout` executing inside `svn cleanup`.
-To build and deploy on staging at once: `mvn clean compile pre-site`.
-Then to deploy to "prod": go on and hit "Submit" (note: you can review changes before if you want to check what the CMS took as changes).
-TIP: the staging is available when build is done (triggered on commit), you can't deploy before.
+- The website is automatically build and published to[TomEE Site Pub] by a[Jenkins build job] every 12 hours.
+- The job can also be triggered manually via the Jenkins website.
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