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<title>The Server Component</title>
<section name="Table of Contents">
<section name="Introduction">
<p>A <strong>Server</strong> element represents the entire Catalina
servlet container. Therefore, it must be the single outermost element
in the <code>conf/server.xml</code> configuration file. Its attributes
represent the characteristics of the servlet container as a whole.</p>
<section name="Attributes">
<subsection name="Common Attributes">
<p>All implementations of <strong>Server</strong>
support the following attributes:</p>
<attribute name="className" required="false">
<p>Java class name of the implementation to use. This class must
implement the <code>org.apache.catalina.Server</code> interface.
If no class name is specified, the standard implementation will
be used.</p>
<attribute name="address" required="false">
<p>The TCP/IP address on which this server waits for a shutdown
command. If no address is specified, <code>localhost</code> is used.</p>
<attribute name="port" required="true">
<p>The TCP/IP port number on which this server waits for a shutdown
command. Set to <code>-1</code> to disable the shutdown port.</p>
<p>Note: Disabling the shutdown port works well when Tomcat is started
using <a href="">Apache Commons Daemon</a>
(running as a service on Windows or with jsvc on un*xes). It cannot be
used when running Tomcat with the standard shell scripts though, as it
will prevent shutdown.bat|.sh and catalina.bat|.sh from stopping it
<attribute name="shutdown" required="true">
<p>The command string that must be received via a TCP/IP connection
to the specified port number, in order to shut down Tomcat.</p>
<subsection name="Standard Implementation">
<p>The standard implementation of <strong>Server</strong> is
It supports the following additional attributes (in addition to the
common attributes listed above):</p>
<section name="Nested Components">
<p>The following components may be nested inside a <strong>Server</strong>
<li><a href="service.html"><strong>Service</strong></a> -
One or more service element.</li>
<li><a href="globalresources.html"><strong>GlobalNamingResources</strong></a> -
Configure the JNDI global resources for the server.</li>
<section name="Special Features">
<p>There are no special features associated with a <strong>Server</strong>.