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<author email="">Remy Maucherat</author>
<author email="">Yoav Shapira</author>
<title>Tomcat Developers</title>
<section name="Active Developers">
The list indicates the developers' main areas of interest. Feel free to
add to the list :) The developers email addresses are
<code>[login]</code>. Please <strong>do not</strong> contact
developers directly for any support issues (please post to the
tomcat-users mailing list instead, or one of the other support
resources; some organizations and individual consultants also offer
for pay Tomcat support, as listed on the
<a href="">support and
training</a> page on the Tomcat Wiki).
<li>Bill Barker (billbarker): Connectors</li>
<li>Costin Manolache (costin): Catalina, Connectors</li>
<li>Filip Hanik (fhanik): Clustering, Release Manager</li>
<li>Jean-Frederic Clere (jfclere): Connectors</li>
<li>Jim Jagielski (jim): Connectors</li>
<li>Konstantin Kolinko (kkolinko): Catalina</li>
<li>Mark Thomas (markt): CGI, SSI, WebDAV, bug fixing</li>
<li>Mladen Turk (mturk): Connectors</li>
<li>Peter Rossbach (pero): Catalina, Clustering, JMX</li>
<li>Rainer Jung (rjung): Catalina, Clustering, Connectors</li>
<li>Remy Maucherat (remm): Catalina, Connectors, Docs</li>
<li>Tim Funk (funkman): Catalina, Docs</li>
<li>Tim Whittington (timw): Connectors</li>
<section name="Retired Developers">
<li>Amy Roh (amyroh): Catalina</li>
<li>Glenn Nielsen (glenn): Catalina, Connectors</li>
<li>Henri Gomez (hgomez): Connectors</li>
<li>Jan Luehe (luehe): Jasper</li>
<li>Jean-Francois Arcand (jfarcand): Catalina</li>
<li>Kin-Man Chung (kinman): Jasper</li>
<li>Yoav Shapira (yoavs): Docs, JMX, Catalina, balancer</li>