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<document url="./bugs.xml">
<title>Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests</title>
<section name="Using the issue tracker" href="Bugs">
<p>To report a bug, or request a feature enhancement, go to:
<a href=""></a>. When filling out a bug report
or feature request, please follow these simple rules:</p>
<li>Select Taglibs from the product list</li>
<li>Include the tag library where the problem exists</li>
<li>Details of your operating environment</li>
<li>Explanation of the problem</li>
<li>A way to reproduce the problem if possible</li>
<li>Any other information that may be pertinent</li>
<p>If you have developed a patch for the bug please attach it to
the bug report.
See <a href=""></a> for information
on how to create a patch.</p>
<section name="Using the mailing list" href="Mail">
<p>You are always welcome to bring your problem or new idea to the <a href="mail-lists.html">mailing lists</a>. </p>