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The generated standalone jar will contains:
* wars in the root: foo.war
* tomcat classes in jar
* file with possible values :
* useServerXml=true/false to use directly the one provided
in the maven plugin configuration
* wars=foo.war|contextpath;bar.war ( |contextpath is optionnal if empty use the war name)
* enableNaming=true/false
* accessLogValveFormat=
* connectorhttpProtocol: HTTP/1.1 or org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol
* optionnal: conf/ with usual tomcat configuration files
On start:
1. create a .extract directory with all the tomcat configuration
2. check if -serverXml is set: if yes use it
2.1. check in if useServerXml=true
if use extract it to .extract/conf and use it with
other files located in /conf (except if .extract already here )
2.2. if not use data from cli: -httpPort, -httpsPort, -ajpPort
3. now extract wars to .extract/webapps/ (except if .extract already here )
4. start Tomcat embded with necessary configuration and add webapps.