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Apache Tiles\u2122
<<{{{}Apache Tiles}}>> is a template composition
framework. Tiles was originally built to simplify the development of web
application user interfaces, but it is no longer restricted to the JavaEE
web environment.
Tiles allows authors to define page fragments which can be assembled
into a complete page at runtime. These fragments, or tiles, can be used
as simple includes in order to reduce the duplication of common page
elements or embedded within other tiles to develop a series of reusable
templates. These templates streamline the development of a consistent
look and feel across an entire application.
{{{/download.html}Download Tiles}}
{{{./security/index.html}Security bulletins}}
* Documentation
* {{{./whats-new.html}<<What's new in Tiles 3.0>>}}
* {{{./tutorial/index.html}Tutorial}}
* {{{}Wiki}}
* Reference
** {{{./getting_started.html}Getting Started}} and installing Tiles
** {{{./config-reference.html}Configuration Reference}}
** {{{./apidocs/index.html}Javadocs}}
** {{{./tiles-jsp/tlddoc/index.html}Tag library documentation}}
** {{{./tiles-core/dtddoc/index.html}Tiles definition file documentation}}
* {{{./migration/index.html}Migration}} from previous versions