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What's new in Tiles 2.1
What's new in Tiles 2.2
Tiles 2.2 is a binary-compatible enhancement of Tiles 2.1.x, with some incompatible changes in JSP tags,
but, for the user perspective, it is perfectly compatible.
* New features in Tiles 2.2
Tiles 2.2 has several new features:
* {{{tutorial/integration/freemarker.html}Native support for FreeMarker}},
instead of a support based on JSP.
* {{{tutorial/integration/velocity.html}Support for Velocity}}.
* Support for pattern matching using
{{{tutorial/advanced/wildcard.html#Using_different_pattern_matching_languages}regular expressions}}.
* {{{tutorial/advanced/el-support.html#OGNL_Support}OGNL support}}
{{{tutorial/advanced/el-support.html#MVEL_Support}MVEL support}}
in Tiles definition files, when specifying attributes and templates.
* Ready to use {{{tutorial/configuration.html#Ready-made_configuration_classes}configuration classes}} to ease startup with minimal coding.
* Deprecations in Tiles 2.2
* Startup with initialization parameters is not <<deprecated>>. See the
{{{tutorial/configuration.html}configuration}} page to know how to configure
Tiles with Java.
* Removals in Tiles 2.2
* Support of retrotranslated packages to be compatible with Java 1.4. It is possible,
though, to retrotranslate the packages manually.
* Support for Servlets 2.4 and JSP 2.0 when creating <<<ELAttributeEvaluator>>>.
{{{tutorial/advanced/el-support.html}It is still possible to use it manually}}.
* New features in Tiles 2.1
Tiles 2.1 introduces new features, but remaining compatible to Tiles 2.0.x.
The new features are:
* {{{tutorial/advanced/nesting-extending.html#Anonymous_nested_definitions}Anonymous nested definitions}}:
now definitions can be put just as an attribute in an enclosing definition,
without the necessity to define a new named definition to use only once.
* <<Wildcard support>>: wildcards are supported:
** in {{{tutorial/advanced/wildcard.html}XML definition files}};
** when enumerating the {{{tutorial/wildcard-configuration.html}list of Tiles definition files to load}}.
* {{{tutorial/advanced/el-support.html}EL support}} in Tiles definition files, when specifying attributes and
* Ability to
{{{migration/configuration.html#Reusing_old_Tiles_configuration_files}load Tiles 1.x definition files}}.
* {{{tutorial/configuration.html#Pure_Java_configuration}Pure Java configuration}},
except for the configuration of the Tiles container factory.
* List attributes can now
{{{tutorial/advanced/list-attributes.html#List_attribute_inheritance}inherit members from the extending definition}}.
* Attribute values can be
{{{tutorial/advanced/nesting-extending.html#Cascaded_attributes}cascaded to nested definitions}},
so the configuration is easier to write.
* Ability to
{{{tutorial/advanced/runtime.html#Inserting_modified_definitions}override the template when inserting definitions}}.
* Customize {{{tutorial/advanced/attribute-rendering.html}rendering of attributes}},
for example to write integrations with other frameworks.
* Usage of {{{tutorial/advanced/multiple-containers.html}more than one Tiles container}}.
** Under the hood
* <<<TilesApplicationContext>>> is now created externally of the Tiles
container and {{{tutorial/extension/points.html#Tiles_Application_Context_Factory}must be configured externally}}.
* Tiles exceptions are all unchecked now: you can now remove all your
* Added the concept of "definition DAO" that allows loading definitions from
various sources, for example a DB.