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  1. build-libevent.bat
  2. build-zlib.bat
  3. cl_banner_apache_thrift.bat
  4. cl_banner_build.bat
  5. cl_banner_install.bat
  6. cl_banner_test.bat
  7. cl_setcompiler.bat
  8. cl_setenv.bat
  9. cl_setgenerator.bat
  10. cl_showenv.bat
  11. CYGW-appveyor-build.bat
  12. CYGW-appveyor-install.bat
  13. CYGW-appveyor-test.bat
  14. MING-appveyor-build.bat
  15. MING-appveyor-install.bat
  16. MING-appveyor-test.bat
  17. MSVC-appveyor-build.bat
  18. MSVC-appveyor-install.bat
  19. MSVC-appveyor-test.bat
  20. MSYS-appveyor-build.bat
  21. MSYS-appveyor-install.bat
  22. MSYS-appveyor-test.bat
  24. simulate-appveyor.bat

Appveyor Build

Appveyor is capable of building MSVC 2010 through 2015 as well as having the latest MSYS2/MinGW 64-bit environment. It has many versions of boost and python installed as well. See what appveyor has installed on build workers.

We run a matrix build on Appveyor and build the following combinations:

  • MinGW x64 (gcc 6.3.0)
  • MSVC 2010 x86, an older boost, an older python
  • MSVC 2015 x86/x64, the latest boost, the latest python
  • MSYS2 x64 (gcc 6.3.0) - this is a work in progress

The Appveyor script takes the first four letters from the PROFILE specified in the environment stanza and runs these scripts in order:

????-appveyor-install.bat will install third party libraries and set up the environment ????-appveyor-build.bat will build with cmake ????-appveyor-test.bat will run ctest