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<title>Apache Thrift - Coding standards</title>
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<h1 id="thrift-coding-standards">Thrift Coding Standards</h1>
<p>Any fool can write code that a computer can understand.
Good programmers write code that humans can understand.
&#8211; Martin Fowler, 1999</p>
<p>The purpose of this document is to make everyone&#8217;s life easier.</p>
<p>It&#8217;s easier when you read good, well-formatted, with a clearly defined purpose, code.
But the only way to read clean code is to write such.</p>
<p>This document can help achieve that, but keep in mind that
those are not silver-bullet, fix-all-at-once rules. Just think about readability while writing code.
Write code like you would have to read it ten years from now.</p>
<h2 id="general-coding-standards">General Coding Standards</h2>
<p>Thrift has some history. Not all existing code follows those rules.
But we want to improve over time.
When making a small change / bugfix - like a single line fix - do <em>not</em> refactor the whole function.
That disturbs code repository history.
Whenever adding something new and / or making bigger refactoring
- follow those rules as strictly as you can.</p>
<p>When in doubt - contact other developers (using dev@ mailing list or IRC).
Code review is the best way to improve readability.</p>
<h3 id="basics">Basics</h3>
<li>Use spaces, not tabs</li>
<li>Use only ASCII characters in file and directory names</li>
<li>Commit to the repository using Unix-style line endings (LF)
On Windows:
git config core.autocrlf true</li>
<li>Maximum line width - 100 characters</li>
<li>If not specified otherwise in language specific standard - use 2 spaces as indent/tab</li>
<h3 id="comments">Comments</h3>
<li>Each file has to start with a comment containing <a href="">Apache License</a></li>
<li>Public API of a library should be documented, preferably using format native for language-specific documentation generation tools (Javadoc, Doxygen etc.)</li>
<li>Other comments are discouraged - comments are lies. When one has to make comment it means one failed to write readable code. Instead of &#8220;I should write a comment here&#8221; think &#8220;I should clean it up&#8221;</li>
<li>Do not leave &#8220;TODO/FIXME&#8221; comments - file <a href="">Jira</a> issue instead</li>
<h3 id="naming">Naming</h3>
<p>Finding proper names is the most important and most difficult task in software development.</p>
<h2 id="language-specific-coding-standards">Language-Specific Coding Standards</h2>
<p>For detailed information see <code>lib/LANG/</code></p>
<p class="snippet_footer">This page was generated by Apache Thrift's <strong>source tree docs</strong>:
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