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<h2 id="grunt-build">Grunt Build</h2>
<p>This is the base directory for the Apache Thrift JavaScript
library. This directory contains a Gruntfile.js and a
package.json. Many of the build and test tools used here
require a recent version of Node.js to be installed. To
install the support files for the Grunt build tool execute
the command:</p>
<pre><code>npm install
<p>This reads the package.json and pulls in the appropriate
sources from the internet. To build the JavaScript branch
of Apache Thrift execute the command:</p>
<pre><code>npx grunt
<p>This runs the grunt build tool (from within <code>./node_modules/.bin/</code>),
linting all of the source files, setting up and running the
tests, concatenating and minifying the main libraries and
generating the html documentation.</p>
<h2 id="tree">Tree</h2>
<p>The following directories are present (some only after the
grunt build):
/src - The JavaScript Apache Thrift source
/doc - HTML documentation
/dist - Distribution files (thrift.js and thrift.min.js)
/test - Various tests, this is a good place to look for
example code
/node_modules - Build support files installed by npm</p>
<h2 id="example-javascript-client-and-server">Example JavaScript Client and Server</h2>
<p>The listing below demonstrates a simple browser based JavaScript
Thrift client and Node.js JavaScript server for the hello_svc
<h3 id="hellothrift---service-idl">hello.thrift - Service IDL</h3>
<p>### build with: $ thrift -gen js -gen js:node hello.thrift
service hello_svc {
string get_message(1: string name)
<h3 id="hellohtml---browser-client">hello.html - Browser Client</h3>
<pre><code>&lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt;
&lt;html lang="en"&gt;
&lt;meta charset="utf-8"&gt;
&lt;title&gt;Hello Thrift&lt;/title&gt;
Name: &lt;input type="text" id="name_in"&gt;
&lt;input type="button" id="get_msg" value="Get Message" &gt;
&lt;div id="output"&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;script src="thrift.js"&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
&lt;script src="gen-js/hello_svc.js"&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
(function() {
var transport = new Thrift.TXHRTransport("/hello");
var protocol = new Thrift.TJSONProtocol(transport);
var client = new hello_svcClient(protocol);
var nameElement = document.getElementById("name_in");
var outputElement = document.getElementById("output");
.addEventListener("click", function(){
client.get_message(nameElement.value, function(result) {
outputElement.innerHTML = result;
<h3 id="hellojs---node-server">hello.js - Node Server</h3>
<pre><code>var thrift = require('thrift');
var hello_svc = require('./gen-nodejs/hello_svc.js');
var hello_handler = {
get_message: function(name, result) {
var msg = "Hello " + name + "!";
result(null, msg);
var hello_svc_opt = {
transport: thrift.TBufferedTransport,
protocol: thrift.TJSONProtocol,
processor: hello_svc,
handler: hello_handler
var server_opt = {
staticFilePath: ".",
services: {
"/hello": hello_svc_opt
var server = Thrift.createWebServer(server_opt);
var port = 9099;
console.log("Http/Thrift Server running on port: " + port);
<h2 id="typescript">TypeScript</h2>
<p>TypeScript definition files can also be generated by running:</p>
<pre><code>thrift --gen js:ts file.thrift
<h1 id="breaking-changes">Breaking Changes</h1>
<h2 id="section">0.13.0</h2>
<li>64-bit integer constants are now generatd using node-int64 e.g.: var x = new Int64(“7fffffffffffffff”);</li>
<p class="snippet_footer">This page was generated by Apache Thrift's <strong>source tree docs</strong>:
<a href=";a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=lib/js/">lib/js/</a>
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