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The Tez UI is an ember based web-app that provides visualization of Tez applications running on the Apache Hadoop YARN framework.

For more information on Tez and the Tez UI - Check the Tez homepage.


  • By default timeline is expected at localhost:8188 & RM at localhost:8088
  • You can point the UI to custom locations by setting the environment variables in src/main/webapp/config/configs.env


All the following commands must be run inside src/main/webapp.


You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.

  • Install Node.js (with NPM)
  • Install Bower
  • Install all dependencies by running npm install & bower install

Running UI

Running Tests

  • npm test


  • npm run build (production)
  • Files would be stored in “dist/”

Adding new routes (pages), controllers, components etc.

  • Use ember-cli blueprint generator - Ember CLI