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Instructions are now at https://infra.apache.org/asf-pelican-theme.html
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-# Apache theme
+# Apache Theme
-The Apache Theme included here consists two types of files.
-1. Page templates.
-  There should be one template for each page type.
-2. CSS stylesheets.
-  There are css overrides for the site and/or template.
-## Page templates
-1. base.html - there is only one page type.
-Change the base page as necessary and add new page types as required.
-## CSS stylesheets
-These are site or template specific overrides to the stylesheet frameworks.
-You can choose to include these in your template, or you can move the file into your assets.
-1. styles.css - consists of custom site CSS overrides. Edit as needed.
-See [Web Developer](../../../DEVELOPER.md) for framework and other information.
-Each of the above files should be edited as needed for the deployed website.
-## Pelican variables set in [pelicanconf.yaml](../../../pelicanconf.yaml)
-  description: SHORT DESCRIPTION
-  domain: YOURDOMAIN.apache.org
-  logo: images/logo.png
-  repository: https://github.com/apache/YOURREPO/blob/main/content/
-  trademarks: Apache, the Apache feather logo, and "YOUR PROJECT NAME" are trademarks or registered trademarks
-### Pelican variables set in pelicanconf.py
-**Note**: early users of this template worked with pelicanconf.py, which is not part of the latest release. This information is for their convenience.
-SITENAME = u'Apache <pmc>'
-SITEDOMAIN = '<pmc>.apache.org'
-SITEURL = 'https://<pmc>.apache.org'
-SITELOGO = 'https://<pmc>.apache.org/images/logo.png'
-SITEDESC = u'<pmc desc>'
-SITEREPOSITORY = 'https://github.com/apache/<pmc-site>/blob/<branch>/content/'
-TRADEMARKS = u'Apache, the Apache feather logo, and <pmc> are trademarks or registered trademarks'
-CURRENTYEAR = date.today().year
+Instructions for working with the Apache Theme for your website are at <a href="https://infra.apache.org/asf-pelican-theme.html" target="_blank">Apache Theme for ASF Pelican</a>.