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2005-11-08 David N. Welton <>
* newnav.html: Added apachecon advertisement. Added wiki link.
2005-11-07 David N. Welton <>
* rivet/about.rvt: Updated mailing list archives link.
2002-11-04 David N. Welton <>
* about.rvt: Added 'about' section that talks a little bit about
what we are as a project.
2002-11-01 David N. Welton <>
* newnav.html: Fixed mod_tcl link I broke last night.
* Started changelog to list what's been done with the site.
* Rivet now uses /style.css.
* Changed stylesheet extensively.
* Rivet now uses about.rvt instead of credits/contact .rvt.
* Eliminated .ttml files in root directory.