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<title>Tapestry TODO List</title>
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<h1>Release 3.0</h1>
<p> Some of these items overlap requests Bugzilla.</p>
<p><i>This list is anything but final! Not in any (prioritized) order.</i></p>
<li>Decide on final release number for "NextGen"</li>
<li>Bugzilla or Scarab?</li>
<li>Deal with character sets and localization properly</li>
<li>Handle change of locale correctly, by reloading new
instance of page in proper locale</li>
<li>Improved User's Guide to replace existing Developer's
<li>Replace the current tutorial with Neil Clayton's
<li>Reoganize directory structure to more standard format
(compatible with Maven)</li>
<li>Use Forrest, or somesuch, for documentation
(possibly, convert User's Guide and friends to alternate format)</li>
<li>Get Tapestry compiling under Maven, have nightly
<li>Fill out the test suite and code coverage, reach 85%
or better</li>
<li>Fix all the Component Reference pages to use the 3.0
<li>Unit testing stategy for the JSP tags and tagsupport
<li>Allow auto parameters to not be required</li>
<h2>Completed items in 3.0</h2>
<li>Declarative transient properties - define transient properties in spec,
Tapestry builds subclass with instance variables, accessors and
initialize() <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>Declarative persistant properties - as with transient, but properties are
made persistant <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>Traditional bin/src distros <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>Rename packages from net.sf.tapestry to org.apache.tapestry <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>Resolve GPL issues around McKoiDBMBean <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>Tapestry JSP tag library <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>Support array types for declared properties and connected parameters <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>Support primitive types for connected parameters <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>Integrate David Solis' WML component contributions <b>DS</b></li>
<li>Get Tapestry building under Gump <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>Properly sign the distribution and have it mirrored
with the other Jakarta downloads <b>HLS</b></li>
<li>New features for Script Specification: <b>HLS</b>
<li>Improve the "include script" element to support </li>
relative scripts, scripts in context, script in classpath</li>
<li>Some kind of "include only once" block</li>
<li>Name uniquer</li>
<li>New DTD w/Jakarta public/system ids</li>
<li>Change build environment to NOT compile against LGPL
frameworks (J2EE from JBoss) <b>HLS</b></li>
<h2>Rejected items in 3.0</h2>
<li>Change &lt;extension&gt; initializers to use OGNL
expressions <b>HLS<BR></b><i>
<br/>Need an "object" for OGNL expressions, not clear what that would be.</i></li>
<h1>Release 3.1</h1>
<li>Extend listener methods to take parameters (matching service parameters to actual method parameters)</li>