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<title>Tapestry: What's New</title>
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<h3>Release 3.0-beta-4</h3>
<li>Updated javadoc build target to link to JDK 1.3 (patch by Michael M. Brzycki)</li>
<li>Added new validator, Pattern Validator [harishkswamy]</li>
<li>Fixed the null pointer exception from FieldLabel when not enclosed by Form
or when IValidationDelegate is not provided [harishkswamy]</li>
<li>The key attribute of the script foreach is changed to not be a required
attribute [harishkswamy]</li>
<li>Added support for OGNL TypeConverter in expression bindings [ehatcher]</li>
<li>Updated Component Reference for WML components [dsolis]</li>
<li>Made DateValidator's getEffectiveFormat()/getEffectiveDisplayFormat() public [rlewisshell]</li>
<li>Updated to use DocBook 1.62.4 XSL stylesheets for documentation generation [rlewisshell]</li>
<li>Moved info priority logging to debug priority [rlewisshell]</li>
<li>Custom parameter binding properties only enhanced if abstract [rlewisshell]</li>
[ 21833 ] does not include jython.dir
[ 22840 ] Table component doesn't sort fine when there are null values
[ 22640 ] Wrong Package in link
[ 22641 ] JavaDoc: should IField be IFieldTracking??
[ 23668 ] contrib:PopupLink ignores informal parameters
[ 22635 ] Wrong Package in link
[ 22634 ] Typo: "In a IListenerBindingSpecification"
[ 22694 ] Add url parameter to Shell component
[ 23870 ] current OGNL 2.6.3 needs to be used
[ 23511 ] Problem with URL encodings at
[ 23227 ] The source parameter of Foreach should be required
[ 20252 ] tests failing under JDK 1.3
[ 23500 ] Name attribute gets duplicated in TextField
[ 22835 ] DateField component throws an ApplicationRuntimeException
[ 22836 ] NumericField component throws an ApplicationRuntimeException
[ 22837 ] Using NumericField cause a ClassCastException
[ 24467 ] Compatibility of the AbstractEngine to servlet-api 2.2
[ 24298 ] patch to allow workbench to work with JDK 1.4.2 and current Jetty
[ 24425 ] race condition in class enhancement
[ 23916 ] The Dates tab in the Workbench contains an empty popup link
[ 24008 ] ApplicationRuntime Exception loses root cause...
[ 22958 ] NumberValidator forces to input a value
[ 21871 ] junit.jar needed to build junit subproject
[ 20253 ] JUnit XML tests broken under JDK with no XML parser (eg. 1.3)
[ 24393 ] No JVM requirements mentioned in docs
[ 24874 ] [PATCH]
[ 25117 ] PageService.getLink throws ClassCastException if parameters arg is Object[]
[ 25462 ] NumericField does not pass on its type parameter
[ 25585 ] ValidationDelegate throws NPE for some new FieldLabel/ValidField
[ 25642 ] properties cannot be of complex array types
[ 25766 ] fixed broken links in doc\src\common\TapestryLinks.xml
<h3>Release 3.0-beta-3</h3>
<li>Update dependency to Jakarta Digester 1.5. [hlship]</li>
<li>Add some new FAQs. [hlship]</li>
<li>Removed the errant selected parameter from Button (a bad cut-and-paste from Submit), and fix the Button
component reference page. [hlship]</li>
<li>Deprecated the <code>fireObservedChange()</code> methods on AbstractComponent and implemented
them as static methods on <code>Tapestry</code>. [hlship]</li>
<li>Allow informal parameters with Insert [hlship]</li>
[ 21729 ] Vlib doesn't deploy into JBoss
[ 20616 ] Palette component appears to be broken in 3.0b1a
[ 21870 ] tapestry lib dir includes both 1.4 and 1.5 versions of digester
[ 22638 ] ListenerBindingSpecification: Grammar Typo
<h3>Release 3.0-beta-2</h3>
<li>Package the workbench.war standalone (such that it includes all necessary libraries).</li>
<li>Fix a case where the taglib would generate the wrong URL (under Tomcat).</li>
<li>Changed the underlying library for bytecode enhancement to Javassist</li>
<li>The 'default-value' attribute has been added to the definition of component parameters.
It specifies the value of the parameter if it is not bound.</li>
<li>The 'auto' parameters no longer need to be required if they have a default-value defined.</li>
<li>The HTML tag with which a component is inserted in a template is now accessible via the
'templateTag' parameter. This parameter is automatically added to each component and has a
default value of null.</li>
<li>The <a href="doc/ComponentReference/Any.html">Any</a> component now renders itself
with the tag with which it was inserted if 'element' is undefined.</li>
<li>The character encoding used for a component template can now be defined using the
property 'org.apache.tapestry.template-encoding'. The property is localizable, so you can define
'org.apache.tapestry.template-encoding_ru' to specify the encoding for all Russian templates, for example.</li>
<li>The character encoding used to generate the response can now be specified
using the property 'org.apache.tapestry.output-encoding'. It is UTF-8 by default.</li>
<li>The <a href="doc/ComponentReference/Shell.html">Shell</a> component now defines an http-equiv tag with the content type of the response.</li>
<li>Update code for compatibility with Jakarta FileUpload 1.0; add easy ability to write uploaded content to a file.</li>
<li>Harish Krishnaswamy has submitted a patch allowing an index attribute on the &lt;foreach&gt; element
in script specifications.</li>
<li>Moved packaged examples from <code>lib</code> to <code>lib/examples</code></li>
[ 18379 ] IMonitor Enhancement
[ 18382 ] isRewinding not set properly during events
[ 20954 ] Missing component InsertRenderer in Contrib
[ 21002 ] CodeGenerationException uses JDK 1.4 API
[ 21073 ] "isXXXXX" getter for boolean properties in components missing
[ 21145 ] array properties and parameters do not work
[ 20545 ] Invalid encoding name "Cp1252"
[ 20281 ] Exception page fails to display
[ 20598 ] Using @Conditional within a tag
[ 20917 ] Typo in ComponentReference documentation
[ 20595 ] wml:Input does not render its title parameter
[ 21332 ] index attribute for the script foreach element
[ 19510 ] createDb.sql in VLIB example typo
<h4>Non-backwards compatible changes:</h4>
<li>Removed the <code>tag</code> attribute from the Script Specification <code>&lt;unique&gt;</code>
element [hlship]
<h3>Release 3.0-beta-1a</h3>
[ 20430 ] ComponentMessages and its test do not compile under JDK 1.3
<h3>Release 3.0-beta-1</h3>
<li>Major refurbishment of the Virtual Library example to use all the latest and greatest Tapestry facilities.</li>
<li>Removed the "rows" and "columns" parameters from TextArea; use informal parameters "rows" and "cols" instead.</li>
<li>Removed unused/unneeded exceptions <code>RollbackException</code> and <code>PageRecorderSerializationException</code>.</li>
<li>The default for the <a href="doc/ComponentReference/Hidden.html">Hidden</a> component is now to encode its parameter.</li>
<li>Ugraded to OGNL 2.5.1.</li>
<li><a href="doc/ComponentReference/Shell.html">Shell</a> component now allows multiple stylesheets.</li>
<li>Added a <a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/util/io/DataSqueezer.html">DataSqueezer</a> adaptor for
<code>Enum</code> types.</li>
<li>Switched over to using JBoss 3.0.6 for demos.</li>
<li>Renamed method <code>generateAttributes()</code> to <code>renderInformalParameters()</code> in
<a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/AbstractComponent.html">AbstractComponent</a>.</li>
<li>Added support for the informal parameters of a component to be passed down to a contained component
using the inherit-informal-parameters attribute. </li>
<li>Added <a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/IRequestCycle.html">IRequestCycle</a>.activate() as a replacement for setPage().
Besides setting the page to be rendered, it also invokes page.validate() and handles the page redirections.</li>
<li>Added addValidateListener() and removeValidateListener()
to <a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/IPage.html">IPage</a>.</li>
<li><a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/util/io/DataSqueezer.html">DataSqueezer</a>: Squeezed strings are now always prefixed with 'S'</li>
<li>Added mechanism for checking that super-class implementations of key methods are invoked.</li>
<li>Added checks that <a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/IPage.html">IPage</a> methods
<code>validate()</code> and <code>detach</code> are properly overriden by subclasses.</li>
<li>Changed Form, Hidden and ListEdit so that all hidden fields are written out with the &lt;form&gt; tag.</li>
<li>Added new features to the script specification, bumping its DTD to 1.3. It is now possible
to generate page-unique ids from within the script (using the new <code>unique</code> attribute
on <code>&lt;let&gt;</code>, as well as to
render a block only once per page render (using <code>&lt;unique&gt;</code>)
<li>Integrated Per Norrman's vastly improved <a href="doc/ComponentReference/DatePicker.html">DatePicker</a> component</li>
<li>Changed the <code>service()</code> method on <a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/engine/IEngineService.html">IEngineService</a> to return void, not boolean.</li>
<li>Changes the <a href="doc/ComponentReference/Body.html">Body</a> component to render &lt;script&gt; tags just inside the &lt;body&gt; tag, not just before it.</li>
<li>Added <a href="doc/ComponentReference/LinkSubmit.html">LinkSubmit</a> component to the framework</li>
<li>Added <a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/RedirectFilter.html">RedirectFilter</a>, a 2.3 Servlet API filter used to redirect
a "naked" URL for a servlet context to the Tapestry application servlet.</li>
<li>Adjusted the deployment for the Virtual Library application to be http://localhost/ (not http://localhost/vlib/app).</li>
<li>Fixed a number of problems identified by <a href="">FindBugs</a>
and <a href="">PMD</a> tools.</li>
<li>Changed version numbers of latest specification DTDs to match the Tapestry release (3.0).</li>
<li>Update to use <a href="">>McKoi DB 1.00</a> for the Virtual Library.</li>
[ 18340 ] ApplicationRuntimeException doesn't compile on jdk 1.3.
[ 18336 ] Tapestry 2.4a5 - LOGGING images missing for Inspector component
[ 18490 ] compile warning for Workbench
[ 18013 ] typo in EvenOdd javadoc
[ 18607 ] Check for unimplemented abstract methods
[ 17904 ] Ongoing LGPL Issues
[ 19153 ] Easier way to override validation messages
[ 19263 ] Change error message for null parameter
[ 18880 ] DatePicker broken under Mozilla
[ 19340 ] exception does not give class information
[ 19490 ] Body Component renders invalid markup
[ 19700 ] typo
[ 19782 ] DateValidator displayFormat default should use format pattern
[ 19463 ] Race condition inside PageSource
[ 20113 ] Build should not require JBoss or Jetty
[ 20180 ] XML parse errors should fail, but are ignored
[ 20251 ] Error in LinkSubmit specification
<h3>Release 2.4-alpha-5</h3>
<li>Added some simple optimizations to keep the engine instance from being stored
into the session unecessarily often.</li>
<li>Fix NPE when image parameter of Image component is bound but value is null.</li>
<li>Create a basic JSP tag library to allow JSPs to access Tapestry pages using the page and external services.</li>
<li>Added support for primitive arrays, java.lang.Object[] and java.lang.String[]
for connected parameters.</li>
<li>Added connected parameter support for missing primitive types byte and char</li>
<li>Added support for primitive arrays, java.lang.Object[], and java.lang.String[] for declared properties.</li>
<li>Replaced JFreeChart with JCharts, due to licensing considerations.</li>
<li>Refactored to use Jakarta Digester to parse specifications.</li>
<li>Changed specification and template parsers to track locations of specification objects and attach them
to runtime objects and exceptions for error reporting purposes.</li>
<li>Severely refactored exceptions, removing many exception classes and flattening all others
under ApplicationRuntimeException.</li>
<li>Simplified the URL format, merging the "service" and "context" parameters together.</li>
<li>Removed the "displayWidth" and "maxLength" parameters from TextField and ValidField
(HTML attributes "size" and "maxlength", as informal parameters, are sufficient).</li>\
<li>Added two new application extensions to allow page and component specifications and templates
to be provided in non-standard ways (when not found using the default rules).</li>
<li>Changed file upload to work using Jakarta Commons FileUpload (patch provided by Joe Panico).</li>
<li>Added new parameter direction: <code>auto</code>, which creates a synthetic property backed by
the binding.</li>
[ 18249 ] file upload using Commons FileUpload
[ 17905 ] Link to mailing list and archives is wrong.
<h3>Release 2.4-alpha-4</h3>
<li><b>All packages have been renamed from <code>net.sf.tapestry</code> to <code>org.apache.tapestry</code></b>.</li>
<li>Several non-ASL libraries (including Jetty) have been removed from both CVS and the distribution. To
build Tapestry and run the demos is now more involved; it requires obtaining several external dependencies.
The Tapestry distribution is much smaller, however. This was done for licensing reasons.
<li>Expression bindings in HTML templates are now in the format
<li>String bindings (to localized strings) in HTML templates are now in the format
<li>Allow &lt;set-property&gt; element of specification to specify the expression as an attribute or
as wrapped character data.</li>
<li>The interfaces for <a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/valid/IValidationDelegate.html">IValidationDelegate</a>,
<a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/valid/IValidator.html">IValidator</a> and
<a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/valid/ValidatorException.html">ValidatorException</a>
changed incompatibly. This will only be an issue if you have created custom validation delegates or custom
<li>Added methods to <a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/valid/IComponentStrings.html">IComponentStrings</a> for formatting localized strings
with arguments.</li>
<li>Remove ejb.jar and any direct dependencies on javax.ejb classes (application servers are responsible for properly replicating
EJBObject and EJBHome instances).</li>
<li>Added a <code>createRequestCycle()</code> method to
<a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/engine/AbstractEngine.html">AbstractEngine</a>.</li>
<li>Moved the invocation of the
<a href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/IMonitor.html">IMonitor</a> method <code>serviceEnd()</code>
to always occur after the invocation of <code>serviceException()</code>.</li>
<li>The <a href="doc/ComponentReference/Upload.html">Upload</a> component now works with the enclosing Form
to automatically set the encoding type to <code>multipart/form-data</code>. It is no longer necessary to set
the <code>enctype</code> attribute of the Form.</li>
<li>Removed the code related to making copies of persistent properties.</li>
<li>Removed non-ASL libraries from CVS. These files will need to be downloaded separately.</li>
<li>Removed some of the old tutorials, leaving just the Workbench and Virtual Library as examples.</li>
<li>Removed the "Demo" pages from the web site, until we find a stable home.</li>
<h3>Release 2.4-alpha-3</h3>
Reorganized the packaging into a binary distribution (which includes documentation) and a second,
smaller, source-only distribution.</li>
<li>Renamed the JARs, stripping off the "net.sf." prefix.</li>
<li>Updated all examples to use the 1.4 Specification DTD.</li>
<li>Refactored (severely) the relationship between services and link components, splitting
the rendering portion of links into a separate interface.</li>
<li>Upgrade to McKoi database 0.94h.</li>
<li>Tapestry will now create properties for connected parameters, if the properties
do not already exist (or are abstract).</li>
<li>Renamed the <code>java-type</code> attribute of the <code>&lt;parameter&gt;</code> element (in component
specifications) to <code>type</code> (for the 1.4 DTD).</li>
<li>Allowed more elements to specify values as character data inside the element as an alternative
to using a particular attribute (useful for complex OGNL expressions).
<li>Continued extending the JUnit test suite.
<li>Deprecated the <code>PageCleanupListener</code> interface and removed support for it.
[ 665622 ] net.sf.tapestry.html.Frame uses old DOCTYPE
[ 675882 ] option component generates invalid HTML
[ 622691 ] Full release
[ 679655 ] Upload component very slow on file uploads
<h3>Release 2.4-alpha-2</h3>
<li>Made improvements to how Tapestry handles arrays of objects and scalars</li>
<LI>Upgrade demos to deploy into JBoss 3.0.4</LI>
<li>Merge in changes from Tapestry 2.3</li>
<li><code>&lt;binding&gt;</code> elements may now specify the expression as the parsed data
instead of the expression attribute</li>
<li>The template extension may now be overriden using the configuration property <code>net.sf.tapestry.template-extension</code>
<li>Added support for declarative transient and persistent properties via
<code>&lt;property-specification&gt;</code> element in page and component specifications. Tapestry
will create (on the fly) a subclass with
the necessary accessor methods and fields, as well as any necessary notification and
cleanup methods. </li>
[ 594878 ] Deploy Tapestry into JBoss 3.0.4
[ 672743 ] Pages Implementing Listeners cause NPE
<h3>Release 2.4-alpha-1</h3>
Added support for specifying expressions in the component template. Expressions
are specified as attributes with the format "<code>[[ <i>expression</i> ]]</code>".
The brackets and leading and trailing whitespace are removed.
Expressions specified this way are the equivalent of the
element in a specification.
Tapestry now supports <i>implicit components</i>. Implicit components are
declared exclusively in the containing component's template (instead of in
the containing component's specification) using a special
<code>jwcid</code> syntax:
<code>@<i>type</i></code> (for anonymous components) or
<code><i>id</i>@<i>type</i></code> (for named components). Implicit
components are especially useful for components that take no parameters,
but may also make use of template expressions.
Added support for the
<code>&lt;listener-binding&gt;</code> element in page and component
specifications. This allows a listener method to be provided, directly within the
specification, as a script written in a <a href="">BSF</a>-supported language.
A number of non-backwards compatible changes were made to several
framework interfaces to support more flexibility on where specifications
and templates may be located, but these should not affect the overwhelming
majority of Tapestry users. In addition, private assets and context assets
may also be relative.
Private assets are relative to the component
specification which declares them, context assets are relative to the
application servlet (within the servlet context).
Moved the Inspector out of the framework and
into the contrib library.
Created smarter checks for stale sessions for
ActionLink, DirectLink and Form. The action and direct services used by
the components now encode whether the application was stateful into the
URL. The stateful check only occurs if the application was stateful when
the URL was rendered.
Changed Form to record the exact ids generated during the render (it used to just store the count).
This allows a more useful exception message to be generated
for the
<A href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/StaleLinkException.html">StaleLinkException</a>.
Changed the default StaleLink page to have a
message property, and to display the message from the
Components (and even pages) can now implement page listener interfaces
(<A href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/event/PageDetachListener.html">PageDetachListener</a>,
<A href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/event/PageRenderListener.html">PageRenderListener</a> or
<A href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/event/PageCleanupListener.html">PageCleanupListener</a>)
and <code>finishLoad()</code> will <i>automatically</i> add them as a listener to the
corresponding page events.
The entire mechanism used to store persistant
page properties has been revised.
Implemented a number of improvements to
<A href="doc/api/org/apache/tapestry/util/pool/Pool.html">Pool</a>
to support greater flexibility in managing objects stored into and discarded
from the pool.
[ 653358 ] IPage.getName() == qualified name
[ 608768 ] Changes saved AFTER IPage.detach()
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