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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- $Id$ -->
<!-- Special build script used when creating new Tapestry releases.
Copy this file and a copy of to a temporary directory
and execute "ant -emacs setup build" using JDK 1.3.
NOTE: JDK 1.3 is not compatible with Forrest, so ignore the above and
used JDK 1.4.
Be sure to have a complete and environment, including
the necessary settings and packages for generating documentation
(i.e., settings for "fop.dir" and "clover.dir").
Generates release distributions into the a sub-directory (name matches
the release version).
<project name="Tapestry Export" default="build">
<property file=""/>
<!-- This can be changed to build a historical release, or
to build a branch release. An override can appear in
or on the command line. -->
<property name="tag" value="HEAD"/>
<property name="export.dir" value="export"/>
<property name="module" value="jakarta-tapestry"/>
<property name="work.dir" value="${export.dir}/${module}"/>
<target name="setup"
description="Sets up the directory, gets the files via CVS.">
<delete dir="${export.dir}" quiet="true"/>
<mkdir dir="${export.dir}"/>
<cvs command="-z3 export" tag="${tag}" package="${module}"
<target name="build" description="Builds the distribution.">
<copy file="" todir="${work.dir}/config"/>
<ant inheritAll="false" dir="${work.dir}" target="dist">
<property name="ext.dist.dir" location="ext-dist"/>
<property file="${work.dir}/config/"/>
<mkdir dir="${framework.version}"/>
<copy todir="${framework.version}">
<fileset dir="${work.dir}/dist">
<include name="*.tar.gz"/>
<include name="*.zip"/>
<echo>Generating checksums ...</echo>
<checksum fileext=".md5">
<fileset dir="${framework.version}">
<include name="*.tar.gz"/>
<include name="*.zip"/>